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Sorry #SIAM haters , Silas/Nina is not a thing. SCORE 1 Writers #GH 10/15/14

just... this... 

full blog post to follow... (soon i swear, later today even) 


  • Nicky is getting so tall. Just more inches of adorableness. 
  • Big Oaf? That was not just poorly acted but highly inaccurate. Brit is skinny like a waif. 
  • "he might not look like he used to" because of recasting, not bandages.
  • She's not looking at him weird because he looks like Jason, it's just that it's Liz so anything without bandages is attractive... 
  • Like "a buzzard on roadkill"? Looks like the $10 bets have returned to the +General Hospital writer's room.
  • Aw, Dr. Collins. I miss Kevin. Can I trade Scott for Kevin? Or is he too busy guesting on +Castle ?
  • Aww Nik.... 
  • She's literally hitting on John Doe right now. Dude, Liz, being single is cool. Plus RIC IS ALIVE #TeamRic (I miss @rickhearst , this Fluke thing needs to end) 
  • Why would you want ELQ? A year ago that company was literally floundering, relying on relish! Mikey must be some sort of business wunderkind 
  • I mean really, he doesn't even look like a James. 
  • Her lawyers could probably give Dianne and Alexis a run for their money, cause apparently they can get you out of murder charges like NBD.
  • Brad Cooper!!! I missed you so much! (ok not really "much" but some)
  • Are you ready? Are you ready for Silas to just OWN Nina? I AM. SO EXCITED.
  • HOLD UP. So Fluke was Jerry? No, because Fluke knows about ELQ not being Tracy's right? I am so confused. JUST TELL ME!!!!
  • Fingerprints 101 will be held MWF with professor Devane in the interrogation room
  • For a kid who lies all the time, he really let's the lies slip OFTEN.
  • I am  terrified for Nik to find out the truth... 
  • Nathan, just proving again he is amazing and all other men pale in comparison.
  • Someone will undoubtedly erase the results if he leaves. So you know... don't leave.
  • The point of that extra was??? OH HE'S A CASSADINE LACKEY!! SNEAKY! 
  • I just remembered I haven't seen Felix in ages. #sadface
  • Brad, stop giving me #Feels! Just RUDE.
  • Homeless, penniless, BUT STILL WEARING PEARLS. It's called a pawn shop.
  • Yes! The yelling has started - everyone shut up!
  • Oh ya Nina, EXPLAIN. How many  lies can you try to get away with?
  • Stafford is really not "great" at the acting today. It's a good thing Easton is AMAZING.
  • I feel trapped by this Nina storyline.
  • HA! #SIAM FOREVER! He will never forgive you crazy eyes!!! 
  • So are we going to place bets on how long until the official "It's Jason!" reveal?
  • I really miss Jonathan Jackson on #GH. Maybe Avery could go on vacation on +Nashville , just so Liz has more conflict in her life to distract her from her children.
  • Nina - the lies are so bad, you can't even keep track of your old lies. #WORST
  • SONOFABITCH she is truly AWFUL. UGH. WORST. I hate her more as he yells at her. 
  • At this point you she should just own up to how she hates him. It's more entertaining that way. 
  • HA! Jerry is so right, I love Jason but he couldn't take anyone in a fight. He's a toothpick. 
  • Did Jerry just say something was "Meta"? I love the good villains. Nina is such a waste of villain
  • I'm just going to start planning the Royal Wedding now. #love
  • Aww #Bratt (hahaha that's a hilarious coupling name) is adorable
  • FOR REAL, I love Nathan - but I DO NOT CARE about these scenes. More Nina bashing PLEASE!
  • "OUR MARRIAGE IS OVER NINA" Yayyyy party time!!! #DANCEPARTY 
  • She sure got home fast! I mean did a helicopter pick her up? No way the boat was just "ready to go"
  • I hope whoever cast Nicky gets a bonus every time he does something like the fist pump dance in the hall.
  • Ok... so Jerry is still working with Helena.... SO WHO THE HELL IS FLUKE. GAH!
  • See guys, told ya. We're going to have to wait for a good while before the big reveal. Writing at it's best.
  • Drinking game idea - every time someone mentions that nuJason looks "nothing like himself" or is "unrecognizable to family" take a shot. You'll be plastered by Wednesday.


Sonny wants Franco gone (but loud enough for Carly to overhear), Silas confronts Franco (maybe he should text Sam again... no that's too needy), Nina tries to get Rosalie to take the fall for her, Jordan goes to talk to nuJason (aren't their restrictions on who can see patients?), something is wrong with the baby, and DAMINT I think Britt tells Nik the truth (I have feels already!)

Monday, October 13, 2014

Thursday, October 9, 2014

If Buzzfeed watched GH

Yes, I'm still here, watching everyday. But I don't feel like I have a lot of funny things to write, and frankly, Tatiana is so good at it.

But last night we were talking and we started coming up with funny lists that we think Buzzfeed could do about General Hospital.

While watching today's boring episode, I came up with many more.

So from time to time we will be adding funny lists we think Buzzfeed should do about the residents of Port Charles.

Here's what I go so far.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Today will be a double post day, so first have some tweets from yesterday! 10/2/14 #GH


  • Can I see a prospectus or mission statement for ELQ? Watching since 96 and I am still unclear as to WHAT THEY DO.
  • she's upstairs hiding from unwanted visitors is code for "day off"
  • For real Maxie, just what is the PROBLEM
  • Aww I like cool wicked Sabrina, but I do have a soft spot for sweet Sabrina, cause #PABRINA, you can hate it's totally cool
  • Dear ABC, stop trying to make #TGIT happen, it's not going to happen.
  • Ok I love the old twins, but this new Danny is too freaking adorable, and talks so... good change +General Hospital writers. 
  • I miss Rafe. 
  • "It's been handled" Mikey is really a cold S-O-B when it comes to the killin'
  • I've been thinking about Nathan since he came to Port Charles, so I totally feel her pain.
  • I bet you +Ryan Paevey-Vlieger has never had to beg for a date. Like ever. 
  • Does Morgan not know someone tried to kill his brother? Does he have Sonny rage?
  • Mikey being treated like someone of the age that still gets called "MIKEY" poor kid
  • Lulu, you are totally right - it's not your dad. It's a dude pretending to be him.
  • Dante, think about what you just said, the best plan here is to go to MISCAVITCH - not AMSTERDAM. OY.
  • So, you know you are the parent right Sam? Like you can pick him up and make him go? Or ya... give the kid more sugar, sure. #PARENTING
  • Something different, and yet SO SIMILAR about this guy... cause you know, he's from here. 
  • Guys, the two of you are not strangers. In fact you both have had kids with him. #justsayin
  • She won't fall apart, but she might go trying to kill another person. #newSabrina
  • Lulu should teach the new parenting class at #GH. Outline will be:
    • step 1: you are the parent , your kid should not make rules #spencer #danny
    • step 2: your child might listen to you more often if you are in the same general vicinity more than 65% of the time #danny #spencer #emma #cameron #aiden #molly
    • Step 3: if they are now an adult try to guide them but don't try to put them in time out #morgan #michael #molly #robin 
    • Step 4: If you lead a dangerous life sending the child away will probably only hurt in the long run #Morgan #Nicolas #Robin #Christina #Aiden
    • Step 5: If your child has more than 2 parents, don't kill the other parent #Michael #Kiki #Nathan 

  • Working remotely? I hope the wifi connection is good! #reallifePROBLEMS
  • Morgan is so ready to take over the family business in like 10 years. He has the moral gray area thing DOWN
  • Maxie is literally making up excuses at this point #smh
  • Um btw I meant to bring up this fact: Did Jordan and Anna apperate out of the office? Like they were having a conversation IN THAT ROOM yesterday and it didn't show them leaving so...
  • Hey you know how you get to know someone? DATE THEM. 
  • The tiny details are going to make me swoon aren't they? #sexypants #swoon #melting
  • Aww look Michael has put on his BIG BOY pants. He's all growed up!
  • Dante is the perfect man. He only got Sonny's good qualities. 
  • Ugh she's back to being annoying. #sabrina
  • Family bond ladies and gents. Science? Actual Medicine? Nah, that's uncool
  • I gotta do some FFing, I've got places to be. 
  • Nah, don't go get the doctor - let's gossip instead. #priorities
  • Ah yes, pick up Kiki - where she's having a secret conversation with Morgan - that's gonna work out well. Do we want to clock how fast he'll get to the brownstone?
  • Do you think Franco has the app open right now??
  • At least the doorknob is loud so they weren't still talking when he walked in #luck
  • It's ok Liz, he can "come around on his own" now because they cast the part. So you know #fate


Divorce! Dating! Male Bonding! Ex-Bonding (maybe)! Spying!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

#juelxis , #siam and everything I love was in this episode. Total win 10/1 #GH recap

Do you think +General Hospital still follows the old "Nov Sweeps" gimmick? Because ladies and gents, I don't know if I am going to make it without throwing something at the TV when Jules lies (kinda) again. But damn if he didn't look good in the sunlight......
on a scale of 1 - even i just CAN'T
I digress... 

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Ok so he didn't lie... sort of. Oh the gray area that is #GH ethics these days, also #julexis 09/30 recap

I'm back! And I think it's time we had a +General Hospital intervention. Some might say the show has been lacking in depth etc, but I am not talking about that - because it's a soap and my expectations are not THAT high. I know what I am getting into everyday at 2 (or you know whenever I come home), and I have enjoyed the ups and downs since '96 so there isn't much that will scare me away. HOWEVER, can we all agree that perhaps, just maybe, certain characters need to jump off the broken record just for a few days so I don't want to throw something at my TV? No, I'm not talking about Carly. Don't get mad... because the person I'm talking about is...
I am however less irritated at him when he is shirtless.... 

let me explain - 

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

So today is just tweets, but baby TOMORROW WE ARE BACK (like #julexis spray tan time) #GH 9/29/14

The cable tv god saw fit to not record +General Hospital yesterday so I had to watch.. WITH COMMERCIALS. It was awful. As such I had no time left to actually blog. So today is just tweets, but baby TOMORROW WE ARE BACK (like #julexis spray tan time) 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

It's 1145PM and 88 degrees outside. In other words, way hotter than those #Samtrick scenes #GH 9/16

heat... +Los Angeles Dodgers game, +The Mindy Project ... it's too much to take, full blogs COMING SOON


  • Ooo we get to see the #Naxie kiss 2x?? YES. I support this kind of replay
  • So much action in the first act. PC HEAT is such a good show. 
  • That poor bad guy suit. First he gets played by Sam, and then punched by Jason. He can't win
  • The thing is... I didn't need to see this Samtrick scene again. It's not that it makes me angry... I try not to actually care... it just makes me sad. I miss #SIAM
  • Don't worry Lulu, Dante is the hero of this show 
  • Wow... right there and they just let the door close... Skills. Anna must have trained them.
  • Mikey, why are you practicing in the house where there is a perfectly good boxing set?
  • I'm just saying if Nate said he had feelings for me, and then kissed me like that there would be ZERO CONFUSION
  • OH SNAP. Quick, creamate the man or he'll just come back! 
  • Self Control. way to go Sam. Stay with those thoughts.
  • Wow Jason's shoulders have certainly narrowed.
  • Sexiest gun lesson EVER. Where do I sign up??? #WaitListed
  • So you didn't check the layout of this place before you stormed it?? Right... okayyyy
  • Damnit, still alive. Ain't that always the way?
  • Sorry Patrick, a woman being there doesn't automatically create a makeout reason, there shoud be you know... feelings... and chemistry
  • Ok, for this I will allow another Robin visit. 
  • Guys, now is not the time to be adorable.... I mean you are.... but it's just not the time.
  • Jason is now being played by a mime. So there's that....
  • Thank you for be willing to be independent Sam. You're stronger than that.
  • Silent Jason is so weird. why didn't they just cast the role sooner?
  • Michael and Tracy talk about things is almost as pointless, but less entertaining than Mike & Tom Eat Snacks
  • Can we put this Samtrick stuff to the side, and then let it fall behind the dresser forever?
  •  The "destruct sequence" sounds dangerous. Too bad most of the people are contract and will survive. Ruins the surprise


Patrick kisses and tells (to Liz), so does Sam (but to Alexis), the return of Prince Adorable in Pjs, PC Heat is back in action and on a timer, and Jason's hurt again?

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

It's clear that Chinese food is just NOT romantic. The true aphrodisiac is ridding the world of Levi - OBVIOUISLY #GH Recap 09/1514

once the baseball season is over these will be full posts every day.... but until then +Los Angeles Dodgers baseball calls and #julexis isn't so...


Dr.O wants Anna to finish their earlier business (murder business?), Naxie take the helm on the crime fighting, Tracy is concerned about Lulu, more crazy Cassadines, Jason wears orthopedic shoes (guys! my new role is... JASON's LEGS), Saptrick almost kiss (and then someone saves the day and breaks that up... right?)


  • Awww Sonny singing a lullaby? Just.... I'm so weak #adorbz #swoon 
  • Anna the agent being surrounded the WSB "good guys" is straight out of an episode of ALIAS
  • Wow Kirkman has really mastered that creep-o laugh #shudder
  • Sorry Sam, but Patrick looks better with the facial hair... also for you, SILAS.
  • You guys, I just got this awesome TV role! Oh ya? What's the part? JASON's ARMS! 
  • Extra fortune cookies? SCORE! i guess the chinese places in PC don't do that automatically? WEAK
  • OH jk, they are from Scorpio. So basically this is now out of an episode of +Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 
  • This family drama is great and all, but does anyone remember the last time Nathan took of his shirt? #objectificationFTW
  • QUICK ANNA, BE USEFUL! SAVE LULU... or DANTE and then he can do the rest. 
  • Uh, Nathan, maybe don't fight with your Dad JUST YET..... save Maxie first
  • It's totes cool Anna, I'm totally going to forgive you for not solving the Jason thing... I'm kinda over that storyline and it hasn't even started yet
  • ooooooooo what if Vik is not his father.... he is sooo going to KILL Olbrecht
  • Anna is too much of a wuss to shoot the cuffs off? She is still an ACTUAL cop right?
  • Nathan is like a freaking superhero #boom, bad guy down
  • Chinese Food 101 - overeating is generally not romantic #Saptrick #FAIL
  • No offense Dr. O, but I wouldn't trust you as far as I could throw you.. or a pen.. or at all
  • Sorry Zj, but that was some horrible "FATHER!" acting...
  • Lulu's taking a bite out of crime!
  • Awww I was really looking forward to Spence/West/Nik bonding time/Nurses Ball performance
  • Sam, the fortune means your husband is not dead... twitchy, but not dead
  • Maxie's stabbing skills are ON POINT 
  • You know what is also not romantic? Missing socks #saptrick #fail PART DEUX
  • OH SNAPPPPPP Jason done broke out the BED! 
  • Dude, Nate totally smiled that Levi was dead. That's ICE COLD, or HOT.. ya we'll go with HOT
  • I might have just watched the Naxie kiss like 4x. #DAMN

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

It was 24 epis before we got 5 minutes of #Julexis , but something is better than nothing - #GH recap 09/10/14

This episode is just what I needed to fully feel the GH blogging mojo. It had almost everything I could ask for. But hey 5 out of 6 storylines ain't bad. Besides, there was not only 2 seconds of #Julexis, but there was #PapaJulian!!! I spent most of the episode swooning after one thing or another. POINTS to the writers on this one. Also have you noticed as the summer storylines wrap up the demise of Fluke will affect so many couples and families across town? I CANNOT WAIT. Then they can get back to other drama because this Fluke thing is STRESSFUL.

Look I can show you on my phone all the tweets about us, we even have AN ARMY #julexisarmy

The women in this town have WAY more self control than I would #GH recap 09/9/14

Another fine day of +General Hospital programming, another blog post. The end of summer story wraps keep chugging along, but I wonder if it's just a tease and we're going to get crap the rest of the week.... at least there is a Julexis tease for tomorrow. That's just going to have to get me through whatever filler stories spring up. Plus we're back on track villain wise. Cassadines - the gift that keeps on giving. Now if only we can get the supreme baddie back....

No redeeming qualities, no over the top crazy - just pure evil with too much money

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The people in this town really need to be LESS trusting - 9/8/14 #GH recap (aka PC HEAT episode 5) @generalhospital

*cracks knuckles* Phew! It's been awhile... let's see if I still remember how to do this.... It's been awhile since I posted but it was just in time! So many summer storylines gearing up for their final turn around the bend! ( I hope) . I know what I am dreaming for to happen with certain storylines, but to be honest I hope the focus on Nate and Dante doing their thannnng doesn't go away. I mean they're cops.... so it shouldn't, but let's be honest....

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


  • Lucy... I love you, but I'd rather see Nik and Britt.
  • They were so happy to see Coleman yesterday, today - hatred. They were jealous of his hair.
  • Just blood? Damn, wrong again...
  • TV MELTING *technical difficulties* SO HOT
  • And now commence the 47 minutes it will take for Michael to take an actual bite #drama
  • Yes, take the truce! Best #mobteam in town!!! Now who gets possesion of Pier 52?
  • Savored= Take 47 minutes of screen time
  • Who called this? Someone did call the Fluke creep-o reveal.... 
  • #BensonhurstBimbo - today's $10 bet
  • Sweet I WAS right, the accomplice had to go! #psychic
  • Guys, you should really follow the buddy system when a crazy Australian is on the loose
  • Serena is "a little bit" younger than Maxie and Lulu? I'd venture to say she's way younger than both of them... (checked with orig dates Serena is OLDER than Lulu, but SORAS'd dates she is younger by 5 years)
  • awwww I miss this Franco. Can I keep him? 
  • Julian is best when he is Papa Julian. SONNY LISTEN TO HIM. Stubborness will get you killed buddy. Gah... You're losing the Julian vs. Sonny "who is more awesome" battle right now
  • Tracy is going to figure out Luke is Fluke when he doesn't care about Lulu
  • Well knocking his desert out of his hand isn't suspicious at all...
  • Hahaha there was a snapchat joke. That's emmy winning writing guys!
  • Awww you could've been a team Sonny... GEEZ. What is your DAMAGE??
  • I love when they die right before they give away the info, you know, so a storyline can drag on longer...
  • Yes! Carly and Franco Detective Hour is coming back?! WOOT.
  • Ok I fully support Ava and Jules coming up with a plan to take down Fluke. 
  • Hmmm... do you think this new teaming up against Levi cause a Sonny/Olivia reunion? Oh jk, they're going to run into Carly at the PCPD.
  • They're staying there.... so something is going to blow up?Or they will too be injured? VETO
  • #brainstorming with Ava and Julian
  • It's time for shit to get AWKWARD at the PCPD
  • So wait, Frisco is coming back? ugh. I hope Mac punches him in the face

That's right PC HEAT also stars 2 BAMF LADIES - Episode 4 - No Time To Cry ... oh and #GH 08/25 recap

It's a new week ladies and gents, and as the summer winds down I have (half) full faith in the writers for the end of the summer story wrap up. Wait, they are going to wrap some of these stories up right? It's another action packed episode of PC HEAT and, of course +General Hospital , on this fine Monday. Are you on the edge of your seats?


Thursday, August 21, 2014

Since #julexis was technically on the episode but didn't actually share the screen I tweeted but didn't blog, that's ok right? #GH 08/21

We shall return to regularly scheduling blogging tomorrow. Business trips are total time sucks. Until then we still have not so live tweeting! Now if you'll excuse me I've got to get back to my best friend Wally...

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

I wasn't a huge fan of Monday or Tuesday's #GH but hey PC Heat Ep3 Film Noir - WORTH IT. 08/19/2014

This is a truncated post, because I'm annoyed with Carly. I know. I rooted for them.. but not like that. But hey PC Heat Ep 3 as a Film Noir? that I can get behind. 

Just imagine the noir type music in your head

Friday, August 15, 2014

Episode 2 of PC HEAT was SO GOOD, & @generalhospital wasn't that bad either 8/14/14 #GH RECAP

I think the +General Hospital writers have hit their sweet spot. If we're not going to be spoiled teased with Julexis I am totally cool with this new trend in the perfect blend of cheesy goodness. Not to mention the Dante Falconari spin off "PC HEAT" is getting SO GOOD. Shootings! Bad guys! Romantic revenge! I am not ready for stupid characters to come back (Shawn/Anna/Robin), must they? The show is just so much better without them!


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

.@generalhospital has already had a spinoff so it's not a leap... I would totally watch a cop show staring @dom_zamprogna - 8/13 recap #GH

I have to say I am a little disappointed there was no hour long West montage, but I honestly really enjoyed today's episode. It was pure soap fun. It's been a long time where we didn't cross the line from "soapy cheese goodness" to "good god what are they doing to my show with this nonsense" don't you think? Plus I have an idea for pilot season next year! I haven't worked out the title yet, but as you can see below I am starting on the theme song. That show will center around the awesomeness that is Dante Falconari (@dom_zamprogna)  and how he is a kick ass detective with a super hot best friend (see I am looking out for my best friend Ryan's employment here). What about you guys, you in?

Don't lie, you are SO IN (more below)

I almost didn't like this epi - but I'm a sucker for a musical montage of Nathan.... @generalhospital 8/12/14 recap #GH

this episode totally deserve a full post so... 


Liv and Sonny talk, Carly and Lucas talk (and I drool because he looks so much better with short tousled hair), fun in the locker room, Nic magically generates facial hair and a haircut ( and he looks SO FINE), and the conclusion of the wedding (which hopefully will be my heros crashing BEFORE they say I do....)


  • ya ya ya recaps... WHAT IS HAPPENING WITH THE GUYS?? #fightfightfight
  • How do you choose Levi over that smolder? #badlifechoices
  • I feel like it shouldn't be that easy to open a cryogenic chamber. Also, shouldn't his arm be really cold?
  • wait WHAT IS HAPPENING??? He's not Australian? I KNEW I COULDN'T HATE AN AUSTRALIAN!!! #perfection !
  • Hear that #Samtrick fans? She told him he was a FRIEND , nothing more ya hear! #FRIENDZONE
  • Awww heyyyy Lucy!!! 
  • I have a hard time believing that hippie (fake or not) could get that many hits in on West, who is literally always exercising. 
  • It more than "sucks" that it's over SAM. We are still holding out hope for #SIAM!
  • Perhaps the paddles are just defrosting him?
  • Oh Viktor, if only were right - this storyline needs to be OVER
  • Ugh I am soooo over Maxie right now. 
  • You guys think this agent is legit? I watch a lot of +The Following so I know not to trust anyone ... ever.
  • NOOOOOOOO my best friend Ryan!!! Fake blood and everything!!! Quick Dante! Helllllp!!!
  • Sorry Sam, I super don't care about this lead up to fake Jason or whatever... I mean the prop guys haven't even changed the pictures yet! So... we're still pretty far off ya?
  • Don't try to talk or move - because you haven't been cast yet (as of the  filming of this) so...
  • (SIDE NOTE) OOOO commercials for +Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. have started!! Yesssssssss  
  • Do you think Mac and Dante will take turns beating the living daylights out of Levi? Or will they let Nate have all the fun?
  • YAYYY Nathan montage!!! Can we have this every day? Although I am surprised there are so many scenes with him with shirts on...
  • Is it weird that I think it's funny that "Jason" will be brainwashed again, to be a hired killer for someone else? (that is where this is going right?)
  • I wonder if I would have liked ZJG more if he wasn't such an assynying character? I mean he's probably really nice...
  • That's right Lucy read. Read a lot. Take up time so Dante can save my best friend Ryan P!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

It's possible the @generalhospital writers knew I was annoyed w/ #julexis from TH & gave me West catching Levi as a gift 8/11 recap #GH

That's right, I'm still not happy about how #Julexis ended on Thursday. I don't think any of us should be. Alexis is an amazingly smart and strong woman. You're telling me that he still refuses to tell her the whole truth and she still sleeps with him? Worse, while it happens she looks helpless? Nope. Sorry. I love #Julexis , I believe that Jules is her true love, and I would be dead inside to not love #julexis heat - but I am not ok with that. The Alexis I have been watching since the 90s might have succumbed to a kiss ( a hot steamy one of course) but as she has with Julian before, she would have been strong and pulled away. If anything giving Jules the more reason to tell her EVERYTHING. I think we can all agree Jules has grown A LOT since his arrival in this harbor side town. I even agree that Alexis should accept him for who he is, a mob man, at least at this point. However, he could have told her everything to show that yes he is still a mob man, he is doing it for her and his family. I think she would take the mob nonsense as a trade off if he told her everything... I am not afraid that this won't be resolved soon because HELLO they finally put them together on the +General Hospital opening credits, but that doesn't mean I can't vent to you instead of apologizing I haven't blogged in forever right?

Don't give me a title card and then play break up - I'm not DUMB.

Oh well as a reward I got two whole days of slightly less serious storylines, and they managed to pull them off without being so silly I can't handle it - yes I am even going with the Aztec storyline at the moment because it means bad things for Levi (happy dancing!)

Monday, August 11, 2014

Twitterverse you're totally fired - no one warned me there was no FULL TRUTH or about #julexis "ending"... RUDE #GH 8/7/14 recap

Get ready not to like me guys. I am super unhappy with #julexis after Thursday's episode.... I have a good explanation though. I swear. It's right below this, so just READ IT.. and if you still want to be mad then... well I'll just go dream about Sonny's dimples for a while.   ya ya ya I didn't write anything ... I will today though!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Hi, I'm here to return 4 Jordan/Shawn scenes in exchange for more #julexis - thanks #GH 8/6/14 #julexisanniversary

I waited all day for this.... and there was like 5 minutes. Why is this a trend? Let's go ahead and break that shall we? Like tomorrow - when we get sexytime can it be more than 3 scenes? perhaps at least 25% of the episode? Puh-lease? I mean the rest of today was good, but it could have been so much more! I will be counting down the minutes til tomorrow's episode starting NOW. 

On to that other stuff...

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

One day people in Port Charles will stop having secret conversations in rooms with open doors or in hallways.... #GH 08/05/14

Just a shortned post today in prep for tomorrow's JULEXIS return.


Julexis fighting! (it's ok we know by Thurs they'll be "spray tanned), Sonny catches Liv making out with Ned (yay more Ned!!), Mikey tells Morgan Ava is longer at the compound, Sean and Jordan have tension (of a sexual nature), and more stuff at the swiss/upstateNY facility (great...)


  • I am always forgetting how many people are staying in that house
  • Please, please tell me Spence ditched the burner phone..... #crossesfingers
  • ugh... her again. Ok, ok can we get this out of the way please? #BUHBYEROBIN 
  • That's right Patrick GET PISSED. (It's truly what Jason does best)
  • If it wasn't for NLG's tweet, I might be annoyed that I am dealing Nina scenes so many days in a row 
  • I might be fast forwarding through the Lucas/Felix scenes... The +Los Angeles Dodgers game starts in like a half hour. 
  • OH THANK GOD. For now Britt is safe #relief
  • Even  my non +General Hospital watching roommate was disgusted at the return of Robin. #greatminds
  • You'd think having been a lying serial killer in a previous (james franco-y) life, he could lie better
  • Spence is literally the coolest kid, and Cameron is a wank. #TRUTH
  • So this receptionist fill in is a hacker part time? Maybe he just watched a lot of the movie "Hackers" as a youth. (sorry I blame this for Hackers on the brain) 
  • I can't wait until the regular TV season starts and I can't start watching +Nashville (via the promos only) again. I sure hope Tami Taylor picked the guy from Whose Line!
  • BRITT SHUT UP. NIK is still in the HOUSE!!
  • Poor Carly no one tells that woman the truth
  • Hey remember how we thought Nina was crazy before? That scarf story is here to cement that knowledge. Do people still like her?
  • Damn Nik you are horrible parent the "reason" your kid ran away is because of Cam... and now you've invited him over...

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The cabin explodes&you make me wait over 5+ scenes before you give me any other information??? #RUDE #JULEXIS #GH RECAP 7/29/14

Guys... I mean... guys. Today was so good, I just need to get my snarky comments out of the way so we can revel in what was the BEST episode in awhile. 

Real quick tho - people on twitter are BANANAS. B-A-N-A-N-A-S. Not any of you mind you, I know you are all awesome. I just don't get people going on psychotic rants about things that DON'T ACTUALLY EXIST - and I write a freaking blog.... Here's just my social media life advice for the day - even when you are passionate about something don't attack other people with it. Whether you are right, or wrong - you still look CRAZY. Unless of course you are clowning on the +San Francisco Giants , because those fans obviously make bad life choices. #sorrynotsorry

Now on to this - 
Julian's (and ours) worst nightmare

Monday, July 21, 2014

I think it's time we had an intervention with the writers RE: Sam/Silas/Patrick... #GH recap 7/21

Guys... I think before we discuss today's episode we need to take a little time out and discuss something very important. Well... as important as things can get when you are reading a blog about a soap. Anyhow, it is plain to see that the writers have begun to rapidly disolve the the relationship between Sam and Silas (more summary on that below) and per +Angela Rynan there are people out there that support this complete 180 in story telling because they are mad at Michael Easton's character(s) breaking up Sam/Jason.... WHAT?? Apparently the reasoning is that Sam/Jas were the "orig" couple etc etc. Let me just say ... STOP THAT. It's silly to hate on a budding soap relationship because the character was with someone else before, especially when that person IS DEAD(ish). What drives soap stories is the chemistry between characters! Michael Easton and Kelly Monaco ooze chemistry. Hell even their characters (up until 2 weeks ago) couldn't get enough of each other. Not to mention if we're really going to get into hating people for breaking up the OG relatioships you should really all hate Sam, because  Jason was first with Robin. For that matter you should hate Patrick for breaking up Jason/Robin. We could go WAAAY back and say that Carly is also the worst because she broke up Jason and Robin. Or perhaps you don't like #Julexis because Julian is breaking up the idea of Ned/Alexis? Do you see where I am going here? Hopefully the writers do and stop this nonsense of derailing #SIAM like a speeding train. Especially since they spent so much time building them up! But you know who really loses here? DANNY. That boy can never win... just lost Rafe, now on the verge of losing his sort of dad... RUDE! Ok rant over, Now on to talking that other thorn in my side... Ron Carlavati

Silas is NOT AMUSED. And neither am I....

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Anna/Olbrecht call Silas a bad parent, Maxie clowns on Nathan about his job - It's hypocrite day in PC! 07/18 #GH recap

Let's all hope that after this Friday episode and that slow week last week things are going to ramp up for our #julexis storylines this week. If you haven't read their TV guide article yet you totally should. Let's take a moment and celebrate the year anniversary that this man first came in to our #GH lives:

Courtesy of @williamdeVry1 twitter

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Props to the cast for their awesome job at saying goodbye to Rafe, now let's say goodbye to NINA #GH recap 7/16

I guess it was silly of me to think that there wouldn't be an emotional goodbye for Rafe so soon. I guess I was just distracted by #zombieRafe and I didn't a lot of mourning last week. Nevertheless, today we had our emotional goodbye and once again I was a wreck. Let's take another moment of silence for Rafe Kovich Jr. and then we'll get into yesterday's epi.



Wednesday, July 16, 2014

#mobwars ? it's all about the "sexy smirk" war now! 7/15 #GH recap

It's been a slow week on +General Hospital, but this girl is not complaining (yet)! Why you ask? That's because there is an intense battle happening, and no it's got nothing to do with the #mobwars ... Ok, a little to do with the mob, because Sonny and Julian are currently fighting for the "sexy smirk" heavyweight title. And even though Maurice is up to the challenge, right now it's all coming up William! Ladies and gentlemen the tweets below remind me why I love this show, my fellow fans, and of course our #GH leading men

Thursday, July 10, 2014

I really am going to miss @jimmydee14 but @RyanPaevey is here to tell boring stories with his dreamy eyes - so #TRADEoff #GH recap 7/10/14

Before we get to the recap, let's take a moment of silence for my favorite teen #thuglife . He started off as a remnant of a show past, with a history in the mythological nonsense that did that show in. Such an angelic face, but it made sense because his "father" was an angel. He lost many adults in his life - some to Vampires, some to the horrible (and yet Emmy nominated) writers of Prospect Park's OLTL. Yet, until Teresa Castillo got pregnant and needed a reason to leave, he was a sweet boy with a big heart who was a little lost. He found a new family in Silas, Sam and Danny boy and we can only hope that those two will stay together and then have a baby and name him Rafe. 

#RIP Rafe Kovich Jr. (found on http://z13.invisionfree.com/Rafe_Molly)

This #Julexis reunion is full of #ALLTHEFEELS and is the best thing this month - #GH recap 7/9/14

Yesterday the previews got my hopes up for today, and while +The Chew peeps said their daily goodbyes I wondered to myself if the previews would let me down. I was more than pleasantly surprised that not only did the previews not let me down, but today's episode was all we wanted and more!
What we wanted!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

I have an idea for an auction to raise money for more #Julexis screentime - art lessons with Franco! 7/8/14 #GH recap

First and Foremost Congratulations to Jason Thompson! Our favorite doctor with family problems got engaged!!! I wish them all the best! I however DO NOT wish the best for others... or whomever the writer was that uttered the words "Hey what if Ava had a wacky mom?" Although... I am still watching.. which is the point. Oh writers, you have me hooked so strongly, and not just because of ....

but this so doesn't hurt #FAMILY

Monday, July 7, 2014

If we're going to have dream sequences anyway, why can't one be of #Julexis or Levi leaving town? 7/7/14 #GH recap

Sorry I didn't post Friday.. I had it written... but then all of a Sunday night and we were all in a post-patriotic hangover weren't we? No... Just me? Oh well... Let's do a real quick celebration of #mancandymonday #mcm and then we'll discuss what I think was a fairly good Monday episode ( Ava and Delia scenes not withstanding) 
He's looking at a copy of the post... Judging me... #sorrynotsorry

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The West/Maxie hijinx show was HILARIOUS! If we can't have #Julexis I can totally get behind this show! 7/2/14 #GH Recap

I really enjoyed today's episode and it wasn't because it was some pinnacle in story telling. It was however a super enjoyable and entertaining mix of drama and hilarity. All that was missing was intrigue, but we'll totally get that later this week I am sure. Also, how does one get setup to be handcuffed to West? Cause I will totally do WHATEVER is necessary... Let's discuss! But first what about a #GH Selfie?

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Crime Solvin', Fast forwardin' and forced sexual tension via handcuffs #GH Recap 7/1/14

I think the writers are trying to set a record for how many storylines they can fit in one week and still not have to show #Julexis . Why? i don't know, but super not a fan. I miss #Julexis fam, but also the hot stuff. I mean don't you? Recap after the jump but in the mean time I encourage the powers at be to have lots of +Ryan Paevey-Vlieger "workout" scenes. Am I right? 

Monday, June 30, 2014

So we have time to add a new guard, bring back the mom, and add a therapist- but no #julexis? Um... sure #GH recap 06/30/14

Let me start off by saying that I hope you all know that I am a +General Hospital fan, because apparently that is up for debate with a certain twitter commentator... So ya. Love GH. Ok on to the recap. Last week was so slow, but I have a feeling things are going to REV up this week... much to the delight of +Janel Clemmons . Usual recaps and what nots after the jump, but first I am going to go sit in on Levi's sitting protesting his PRESENCE. 

Don't you love when they have us work on the set pieces? JOB SECURITY!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Stop bringing new characters and old ones out of retirement, we haven't seen a #julexis scene in DAYS - 6/25 #GH recap

Before we catch up on today, there was ANOTHER +General Hospital casting rumor today! According to Soap Opera Digest Brenda might be coming back.... Listen don't get me wrong, Vanessa Marcil is amazing and I <3 her, but the last time she came Brenda was a HOT MESS. Fighting at the Nurses Ball, trying to seduce #alltheMEN, and even playing like she had slept with Mikey! No, sorry, VETO. Unless you give me classic 90s Brenda (who was a strong character) I do not support this news AT ALL. Fortunately +BuzzFeed knew I would be in a foul mood so they gave me this list and more importantly #11 (I am still stalwart #TeamJulexis , but Sonny has had my heart since 96, if Jules leaves the mob this stance of mine won't be an issue)

If I believe the #GH news this love triangle will be a quadrangle (OR WORSE) by the end of the summer....

There was a lot of +General Hospital news that came out today - Kim Mcullough is coming back later this summer (possibly with a new Jason), +Janel Clemmons reminded me Tony Geary is on his standard "June-ly" vacation, and the cast has the next 3 weeks off (as per Will Devry on twitter)- and just knowing those things really made me take a sideways glance at today's episode and on how everything was playing out. For example....

Monday, June 23, 2014

I am in a BLT/Booze hangover after dealing with last night's #DaytimeEmmy NIGHTMARE. Today's #GH was the perfect cure.

Well... It may have been a while since I have done this.... Ok a LONG WHILE. I could apologize or tell you what was up, but now we've all been through trauma together - and so we're bonded despite my lack of updates. The trauma of course was #DaytimeEmmys train wreck and of course the snub for all things +General Hospital . But like Brook-lynn, @myjasonthompson will always be a winner in our hearts. Now let's recoup from the trauma and dive in to Monday's episode together shall we?

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Daytime Emmys: Janel's LIVE Coverage

Hello! We are live blogging and tweeting the Daytime Emmys today!  I will be updating this blog as we go and Tatiana will be tweeting.

Be sure to follow Tatiana here and my tweets are here.

You can watch the Emmys here: http://www.daytimeemmys.net/

We've begun the red carpet coverage.

That pretty much says it all.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Tuesday's Episode: Hoping for Happy Endings



Ew. Ava is reading baby books when Kiki comes to visit her and she thinks that Morgan is coming to visit her. She and Kiki talk about Ava's relationship with Morgan as if it's normal--stop it. It's not. EW. And then Kiki mentions that Ava and Julian have a weird connection--ha ha! She's kinda sassy to her mom. I love it! And Kiki is right. I like that she and Michael are together. They are the righteous couple right now-- them and Dante and Lulu (except she's a little crazy).

Monday's Episode--DON'T TRUST ANYONE!!!

Monday's episode was Sabrina and Patrick's baby's funeral. So incredibly sad. Maxie is comforting Patrick and Sabrina seems to be back to normal and is grieving with Felix being the best BFF ever! And Juan is back! He's so great and concerned for his cousin. Everyone comes to the funeral. So beautiful. Sabrina mentions that Juan has suggested that she come to Puerto Rico for a while and she's considering it. The service begins with Epiphany singing Amazing Grace. #broken #allthefeels and her singing is the track over most of the service. Very beautiful.  Rafe shows up and stands in the back. You can tell he feels great remorse for what he's done. Maybe he will confess? Maybe he will apologize?? I'm glad Emma wasn't there. The poor girl didn't need to deal with that. She's had to go through so much as a little girl. Can we give her a break please? Also it's funny watching Juan and Elizabeth act like old friends... ha ha! (they're married in real life). Sabrina decides to go to San Juan for a while (maternity leave) and Patrick reminds her that he and Emma are her family too so she has to come back! Awe!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014


We are horrible, no good, very bad writers right now.

We are sorry. Janel has been watching and not writing and Tati has been swamped and we will, we promise write again tonight.

I will watch yesterday and today's later and post my recap, in the meantime--I hope you're enjoying the show and we promise we haven't forgotten you!

Please forgive us... and come back later :)

Monday, June 9, 2014

Fluke predictions and other #GH mind benders - caused by a pre-empted @generalhospital in LA/OC today 6/9/14

I said it before and I'll say it again. Watching live on Fridays makes the +General Hospital weekend so long! With the +Los Angeles Dodgers having an early game (gotta love the east coast trips), I was able to fit in all my addictions today and still have time to blog before the day was over! But not so fast said the universe as live breaking news cancelled out #GH today in LA/OC.... 
Real People. Real News. Cops who hang out less at the local diner. 

Friday, June 6, 2014

Fresh like a #Julexis family breakfast at Kelly's we're live tweeting this jam!!!! #GH 6/6/14

We're back once again for another live-tweeting special event! Brought to in part by my awesome boss going on vacation and letting me off early!!! WOO HOO vacations! So excited to see a #Julexis family breakfast! Not so excited to deal with Nina again (woh woh)...

  • that is the best sign ever. I want to have franco to draw me! #betterthanselfies #GH
  • DAMN DIRTY APE. today's $10 bet #FTW #GH
  • Also, MAX IS BACK!!!! and apparently we're going to see a lot of him! #GH #SUMMERTIME #MOBLIFE 
  • thank gods for @RyanPaevey and his gift for appearing on camera shirtless
  • No #julexis breakfast and it's already the first commercial break... wtf
  • Franco shouldn't be painting, he should be doing standup
  • Walking around all night? Port Charles isn't that big, you could totally finish that walk in like an hour
  • @MauriceBenardMB is so ON POINT right now. Basically all the daytime emmy nods will be #GH men next year
  • You know what I need West? For you to remain in that outfit for the rest of the episode #DetectiveSexyPants
  • GrRR-ooos 3 days in a row a character/storyline made me want to vomit (today it was Nina)
  • Ok guys. we're at the 2nd commercial break and still no #JULEXIS . I would like to begin a formal protest
  • ooo Julian is PISSED Danny's bday was ruined #PapaBear #JULEXIS
  • Why doesn't Nina want to call #sexypants??? #lieslieslies
  • It's possible +Janel Clemmons  were just chanting KISS HIM KISS HIM to Maxie... maybe @teenystweeting @RyanPaevey
  • Sweet romantic music is playing soooo cue Ava crashing this moment
  • painting pictures of blind kids is a brilliant of a Franco kickstarter
  • I just died when adorable Danny blew out that candle #JULEXIS #adorbz
  • Will Nina remember the "old times" when Silas was having an affair with Ava? #BURNINGQUESTIONS
  • +Janel Clemmons reminds me that as much as we hate Levi, it could be worse. (She's been watching Prospect Park's OLTL )
  • I would love it if West just punched Levi RIGHT NOW 
  • Did something happen to Stephen? Why Yes he killed a bunch of people, thought he was a vampire and you know.. DIED  
  • Morgan, the answer to all these questions should be NO 
  • Carly and Franco are the best #trueLove
  • Yes, yes the thing that is happening between them is called CHEMISTRY Levi... you have none 
  • Awww he missed out on protecting her from the boys... LOVE IT SO MUCH #Julian #PapaBear #JulexisFAM
  • he has drugs to do actually #thugLIFE
  • I just tried to fast forward through the commercials.. Watching live isn't as great as it's cracked up to be 
  • Janel is seriously reading the rules to the Bush's Baked Beans game on the app store... WHAT IS HAPPENING.
  • You've been through so much this last year - like a character change. You're name used to be Todd 
  • There's nothing going on between me and Nathan (yet - said the +General Hospital  writers)
  • That was a pretty crappy friday episode, and for the most part the #julexis family  breakfast was a tease. NOT COOL WRITERS