Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Just tell them already! Janel's Live "Tweeting"

Another Day at home, another live "tweeting."

  • It's a new day in Port Charles #April30thfortherecord 
  • bwahahaha! Madeline made fun of Olbrect's accent #thanksforsayingwhatwe'reallthinking
  • What did you do #Fluke?
  • Ugh. Nikolas is a slow reader. Why would you bring up Britt around Elizabeth? #Nikolascreatesdrama
  • Yay Britt and her brother... he he he
  • #NursesBall2014 Planning #wheresTatianaslineup
  • Oh yeah it's Wednesday= #boringstorylines
  • Ugh Elizabeth #stopwhining #shestheworst
  • Oh, and you're my sister #justtellher
  • Tatiana would be Fast Forwarding a lot of this
  • We awkwardly changed the name of our child to something weird #RoccovsBen
  • Hey Kevin, it's not the 51st Anniversary--no need to suck up.
  • Except he's right. I heart GH #bestshowonTV
  • I don't like this drug stuff and Julian involved. Maybe Jordan can take the fall for all of it.
  • Remember when Nikolas was cool and a bad ass? When did he go so soft? #usedtobemyfavorite
  • "Piece of Strudel" #wordoftheday
  • Oh, and you're my sister #justtellheralready 
  • Yay he finally told her #yourethelastoneIwanttotakeout #harsh #probablyabetterwaytosayit
  • Random sad music in the jail. Hey, we don't care about Liesl's feelings. #shesabadguy
  • Scott Baldwin is a douche (I apologize for the language, but I'm just sayin')
  • Oh yeah, Didn't Laura just go to Europe for a check up? A year ago? #thatsalongwaittoseeadoctor 
  • EEWWWWAH #Fluke is creepy. WHO ARE YOU!?!?! #itsdrivingmecrazy
  • And the flashbacks are here again. 
  • So we're siblings.. that's cool... let's hang out...I guess, bro... #literallylaughable
  • More classic GH stories
  • I think Jordan should take it all the credit for it
  • Fluke is mixing the pot. Stop trying to get Sean to tell you something
  • And now it's obvious that Luke is #Fluke
  • We're clearly playing house but without all the benefits
  • Is egg white omlette the new #BLTs
  • What? He can act??
  • I knew it! #wheresNina #neverdeaduntilyouseeabody

I think the best part of today's episode was when Nathan told Britt that she was his sister. It was spectacularly awkward and funny to watch him explain it. But I would like to share with you, how Tatiana would have written that scene. 

Nathan: So Uh Yeah... um... like... I'm your brother.
Britt: WTF
Nathan: Well you see... I thought my mom was this waspy white lady... but get this-she's actually your mom's sister... oh and actually not my mom.
Britt: WTF
Nathan: I know right? Cray-cray! (smolders eyes)
So good.  

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The return of regularly updated postings and more importantly #JULEXIS !!!!!!!

Guys, it's a miracle. Posting 2 days in a row - and posts from both of us?! I was shocked too. But first, let's discuss a very important problem -
this is our unhappy face

Janel's Live Tweeting--Lots of Flashbacks and A Lot of Lies

Today I watched GH live, so here are my "Tweets" as I watched. 

Janel's Actual Live Tweeting:
  • EWWAH! TJ and Molly. Port Charles University?? SHOCKER!!! #onlyschoolinPC 
  • The docks huh? Jordan is up to something shady. Come on Sean, slap her silly!
  • YAY!! #JULEXIS!!!! Just this storyline today please!!!
  • People, don't say secrets out loud. You will always be overheard #willCarlyeverlearn
  • Olivia is too smart for you, Sonny... you screwed up. #shedeservesbetter #butIstillloveSonny
  • Oh yeah, Morgan, tell Julian... this is going to get good. 
  • It's not going to be ok with you Olivia, keep pushing, he'll fold. #Sonnycanthandlepressure
  • #commercialsaretheworst #thisiswhywehaveDVR #snackbreak
  • I love Julian #sohot #truthcomesout
  • Come on Kiki--find the earring. #besmart #putittogether
  • #Liesuponlies
  • I think today's episode is one to catch people up. #lotsofflashbacks
  • Where's Dante? #PortCharlesPoliceDepartment
  • It's what day? Have we been watching the future this last week #soaptimelines
  • Carly, stop saying who shot AJ AT THE POLICE STATION #peopleoverhearthings #whydonttheylistentome 
  • I love this interaction with Julian and Morgan, but it's cramping #Julexis and that's not ok.
  • Awe, Franco. You're so great. #alltheEmmys
  • Carrrlos makes a great storyteller. #whyamIstartingtofeelbadforhim #teamCarrrlos... NO! Must stop it!
  • Olivia, stand up for yourself. Be the girl from Bensonhurst that we love. 
  • EWAH. I don't want to see that flashback #Avonny? #Sonva? #EWAH
  • Damn Morgan, you are telling all her lies. #sogood #squeelingonAva
  • What is Sean's Secret? #blackmailblackmailallaround
  • What? What is happening? #Seanhasasecret
  • Carly, come on! Get it! Ava killed Connie. Put it together.
  • Oh a fake flashback. So good. I miss AJ. Come on Sean--why the hell did you have to leave?
  • Liar! You are not all Olivia's. Ugh, Sonny, I'm starting to side on the Jerome Family. #whatishappeningtome
  • Ava sucks. Lying to your daughter again. You think Morgan isn't going to tell Kiki #whyarepeoplesodumb 
  • I love #Julexis. Such good parents. #sohot #readytofightfortheirdaughter
  • Carly is a good mom. Anna is a horrible commissioner #youhavethewrongguy
  • Sonny should take a shower to get that gross feeling off #Oliviadeservesbetter #hesdeadwhenshefindsout
  • Tell Julian--come on Morgan. Now you decide to keep your mouth shut. #maturingbeforeourveryeyes
  • The art at the gallery is better today
  • Julian should listen to Alexis. They are so amazing. I love them #Julexis #always
  • Sean is the best. #bestgardianever
  • Jordan is dumb. Hope she gets caught in a crossfire somewhere.
  • Morgan is now at the docks. Oh no... #MorganstayawayfromAva
  • Carly and Franco could be a new detective team. I would watch that show. #TAH 
  • And Alexis is still loyal to Sonny. #Ilovethisshow
  • Is Ava wearing clip on earrings? How old is she? #oldpeoplewearclipons
  • Yeah Julian!!!!!!! Except think about how this will effect Alexis #Julexis is more important
  • The preview has basically every storyline we've forgotten about 

Monday, April 28, 2014

Just another episode that shows Jason Thompson should get ALL THE EMMYS.

Back in action because the last few days have been destroying me in the #FEELS and I had to talk about it with someone! (That someone is you guys!)

Yes Sabrina, we are all crying with you!

A Glance in to the minds of 2 crazy gals!

OK guys - I know we have been bad bloggers. We've just both been super busy. But trust me we still have GH on the brain! As you can see below we talk about it on the regular, hilarity ensues, etc. So take a glance at our notes on the current storylines. 

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

I sure hope Ned is sticking around until #NursesBall2014, even if it means more FLUKE

Well.... Yesterday wasn't the action packed episode I thought it would be. It was actually kind of slow, but I still enjoyed it. Although now GH is majoring in creep factor - all from Fluke...... anyways on to the recap!
Would you like a creepy donut?

Monday, April 21, 2014

I am on a blogging strike! Until the return of #JULEXIS! .....

Ok, not really.... I have just been super busy. I just power watched Th-Mon episodes and It doesn't seem like I missed much. Although I don't know how Tony Geary did not break down laughing after having to threaten pint sized Nicky. All the stories seem to be coming to a head tomorrow so I'll return to the blog form then. Until tomorrow, not so live tweets are the best i got

  • Is Michael the only one that can save Sonny?
  • ugh stop #nicLiz
  • Gosh I really hate the way his says Sabrina
  • Oh that won’t help the crazy Michael…..
  • For the record, Carrrlos’s life doesn’t have THAT much value
  • I just don’t get how people don’t like Sabrina…
  • I fully support Liz going with Ric
  • And the return of Princess Adorbz
  • He doesn’t think it’s a good idea but you see he killed Aj…
  • How does Michael not hear this?
  • omg How did Tony not crack up threatening a 8 yr old??
  • Nicolas, you didn’t call the kid’s driver? Who knows where he was dropped off?

See? There not even that good.... Blah. My muse needs to return! (My muse is Julexis)

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The return of Ned, and god help us hopefully the return of intelligence!

I didn't intend to come back just to miss a day, I really didn't - but #AgentsofShield and a #dodgers game? Sorry guys. I am only one person. Not to mention that the writers have been really walking that line lately. They do 2 awesome episodes, and then they do 3 episodes that make me want to throw something at the TV. Don't get me wrong, they are well written, but come on........ We can't get 1 or 2 wins? We have to have the tease of Julexis and then this trick Jordan trying to seduce Julian with sensual background music? No. I refuse. I veto. I... well I'm not going to stop watching but I will not be a happy blogger until they either a) bring Julexis back for longer than one makeout scene b) Let Sonny wise up so he is not pushing people away and go cray-cray. UGHHH.

Hi, My name is Ned. I'll be your voice of reason for the week. 

Monday, April 14, 2014

We (Like all the other characters we haven't seen in AGES) are BACCCCCCCK!!!!

And we're back! Orlando was craaazzzzy so I ended up power watching 5 GH episodes yesterday morning. I was going to blog a week long recap, but boy that would have been long. And let's be honest, the most important thing we learned last week was THAT BRITT AND HOT DETECTIVE ARE SIBLINGS!!! It was one thing to have Michael and Kiki make out when we thought they might be cousins, but siblings is a horse of a different color! DO NOT LET THEM EVEN KISS! YOU HEAR ME WRITERS?!?! NO KISSING FOR THOSE TWO!!!! 

I'm not sure what I would do if my brother was this hot...

And now on to our regularly scheduled programming... 

Saturday, April 5, 2014

When you watch 4 episodes in a row you get to see almost all the peoples and of course BLTs!

Well that was a week wasn't it? And it doesn't stop now, I will be out of town at the beginning of next week so I'd like to apologize in advance for 2 weeks of scattered posting. Since I watched 4 days in a row I won't be breaking it down day to day. We saw so many characters, if only for just a moment, and some stories were wrapped up (Thank God)- but Patrick, Sabrina and Emma are still MIA; and sadly no Julexis. Anyhow on to a super-sized recap. Sorry. I should be back next Wednesday!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Happy 51st Anniversary GH!

Today's episode was wonderful. I don't really want to write much here other than, go see it. Find it on Hulu or the Watch ABC app. 

The episode opened showing this:

...and continued in amazing nods to the 51 years that General Hospital has been on.

It was wonderful to see Lucy and Kevin and Felicia and Mac and Scott and Bobbie. What a great nod to the longevity of their characters.

As well as Monica and AJ and (spoiler) Emily.

But my favorite part was the Sonny and Carly flashbacks. It was so well done and I loved it.

I also cried at the end. What a beautiful show.

Go watch it. :)