Tuesday, September 30, 2014

So today is just tweets, but baby TOMORROW WE ARE BACK (like #julexis spray tan time) #GH 9/29/14

The cable tv god saw fit to not record +General Hospital yesterday so I had to watch.. WITH COMMERCIALS. It was awful. As such I had no time left to actually blog. So today is just tweets, but baby TOMORROW WE ARE BACK (like #julexis spray tan time) 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

It's 1145PM and 88 degrees outside. In other words, way hotter than those #Samtrick scenes #GH 9/16

heat... +Los Angeles Dodgers game, +The Mindy Project ... it's too much to take, full blogs COMING SOON


  • Ooo we get to see the #Naxie kiss 2x?? YES. I support this kind of replay
  • So much action in the first act. PC HEAT is such a good show. 
  • That poor bad guy suit. First he gets played by Sam, and then punched by Jason. He can't win
  • The thing is... I didn't need to see this Samtrick scene again. It's not that it makes me angry... I try not to actually care... it just makes me sad. I miss #SIAM
  • Don't worry Lulu, Dante is the hero of this show 
  • Wow... right there and they just let the door close... Skills. Anna must have trained them.
  • Mikey, why are you practicing in the house where there is a perfectly good boxing set?
  • I'm just saying if Nate said he had feelings for me, and then kissed me like that there would be ZERO CONFUSION
  • OH SNAP. Quick, creamate the man or he'll just come back! 
  • Self Control. way to go Sam. Stay with those thoughts.
  • Wow Jason's shoulders have certainly narrowed.
  • Sexiest gun lesson EVER. Where do I sign up??? #WaitListed
  • So you didn't check the layout of this place before you stormed it?? Right... okayyyy
  • Damnit, still alive. Ain't that always the way?
  • Sorry Patrick, a woman being there doesn't automatically create a makeout reason, there shoud be you know... feelings... and chemistry
  • Ok, for this I will allow another Robin visit. 
  • Guys, now is not the time to be adorable.... I mean you are.... but it's just not the time.
  • Jason is now being played by a mime. So there's that....
  • Thank you for be willing to be independent Sam. You're stronger than that.
  • Silent Jason is so weird. why didn't they just cast the role sooner?
  • Michael and Tracy talk about things is almost as pointless, but less entertaining than Mike & Tom Eat Snacks
  • Can we put this Samtrick stuff to the side, and then let it fall behind the dresser forever?
  •  The "destruct sequence" sounds dangerous. Too bad most of the people are contract and will survive. Ruins the surprise


Patrick kisses and tells (to Liz), so does Sam (but to Alexis), the return of Prince Adorable in Pjs, PC Heat is back in action and on a timer, and Jason's hurt again?

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

It's clear that Chinese food is just NOT romantic. The true aphrodisiac is ridding the world of Levi - OBVIOUISLY #GH Recap 09/1514

once the baseball season is over these will be full posts every day.... but until then +Los Angeles Dodgers baseball calls and #julexis isn't so...


Dr.O wants Anna to finish their earlier business (murder business?), Naxie take the helm on the crime fighting, Tracy is concerned about Lulu, more crazy Cassadines, Jason wears orthopedic shoes (guys! my new role is... JASON's LEGS), Saptrick almost kiss (and then someone saves the day and breaks that up... right?)


  • Awww Sonny singing a lullaby? Just.... I'm so weak #adorbz #swoon 
  • Anna the agent being surrounded the WSB "good guys" is straight out of an episode of ALIAS
  • Wow Kirkman has really mastered that creep-o laugh #shudder
  • Sorry Sam, but Patrick looks better with the facial hair... also for you, SILAS.
  • You guys, I just got this awesome TV role! Oh ya? What's the part? JASON's ARMS! 
  • Extra fortune cookies? SCORE! i guess the chinese places in PC don't do that automatically? WEAK
  • OH jk, they are from Scorpio. So basically this is now out of an episode of +Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 
  • This family drama is great and all, but does anyone remember the last time Nathan took of his shirt? #objectificationFTW
  • QUICK ANNA, BE USEFUL! SAVE LULU... or DANTE and then he can do the rest. 
  • Uh, Nathan, maybe don't fight with your Dad JUST YET..... save Maxie first
  • It's totes cool Anna, I'm totally going to forgive you for not solving the Jason thing... I'm kinda over that storyline and it hasn't even started yet
  • ooooooooo what if Vik is not his father.... he is sooo going to KILL Olbrecht
  • Anna is too much of a wuss to shoot the cuffs off? She is still an ACTUAL cop right?
  • Nathan is like a freaking superhero #boom, bad guy down
  • Chinese Food 101 - overeating is generally not romantic #Saptrick #FAIL
  • No offense Dr. O, but I wouldn't trust you as far as I could throw you.. or a pen.. or at all
  • Sorry Zj, but that was some horrible "FATHER!" acting...
  • Lulu's taking a bite out of crime!
  • Awww I was really looking forward to Spence/West/Nik bonding time/Nurses Ball performance
  • Sam, the fortune means your husband is not dead... twitchy, but not dead
  • Maxie's stabbing skills are ON POINT 
  • You know what is also not romantic? Missing socks #saptrick #fail PART DEUX
  • OH SNAPPPPPP Jason done broke out the BED! 
  • Dude, Nate totally smiled that Levi was dead. That's ICE COLD, or HOT.. ya we'll go with HOT
  • I might have just watched the Naxie kiss like 4x. #DAMN

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

It was 24 epis before we got 5 minutes of #Julexis , but something is better than nothing - #GH recap 09/10/14

This episode is just what I needed to fully feel the GH blogging mojo. It had almost everything I could ask for. But hey 5 out of 6 storylines ain't bad. Besides, there was not only 2 seconds of #Julexis, but there was #PapaJulian!!! I spent most of the episode swooning after one thing or another. POINTS to the writers on this one. Also have you noticed as the summer storylines wrap up the demise of Fluke will affect so many couples and families across town? I CANNOT WAIT. Then they can get back to other drama because this Fluke thing is STRESSFUL.

Look I can show you on my phone all the tweets about us, we even have AN ARMY #julexisarmy

The women in this town have WAY more self control than I would #GH recap 09/9/14

Another fine day of +General Hospital programming, another blog post. The end of summer story wraps keep chugging along, but I wonder if it's just a tease and we're going to get crap the rest of the week.... at least there is a Julexis tease for tomorrow. That's just going to have to get me through whatever filler stories spring up. Plus we're back on track villain wise. Cassadines - the gift that keeps on giving. Now if only we can get the supreme baddie back....

No redeeming qualities, no over the top crazy - just pure evil with too much money

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The people in this town really need to be LESS trusting - 9/8/14 #GH recap (aka PC HEAT episode 5) @generalhospital

*cracks knuckles* Phew! It's been awhile... let's see if I still remember how to do this.... It's been awhile since I posted but it was just in time! So many summer storylines gearing up for their final turn around the bend! ( I hope) . I know what I am dreaming for to happen with certain storylines, but to be honest I hope the focus on Nate and Dante doing their thannnng doesn't go away. I mean they're cops.... so it shouldn't, but let's be honest....