Monday, March 31, 2014

Sadness with a side of Daddy Julian!!!

    In the upcoming weeks there is so much goodness to come. I have see the light... or rather the preview which we included at the end of today's blog. Of course before happiness and joy can return, we have to deal with at least another few days of abject sadness. Although as a sign of better times to come we did get at least a little happiness today!
Julian "today's happiness" Jerome

STOP THE PRESSES 51st anniversary special?!?!

No this isn't a live recap, this is a breaking news story!! right now everything in the world has been made better because of the story below. Know that I almost squealed in excitement as I read this. All crap story lines are forgiven. EVERYTHING. ALL OF THE STORIES.


Tomorrow marks the 51st anniversary of GH, and one of the gifts to the audience will be the returns of Sarah Brown (ex-Carly; ex-Claudia) and Tamara Braun (ex-Carly). "We like to try and take advantage of the history of the show, and in honoring the history of the show, we not only honor the characters, but the actors," explains Executive Producer Frank Valentini. "We have come up with a fun way for the audience to get a chance to see Sarah and Tamara again." Valentini has high praise for the Emmy-winning duo. "I had never worked with either one of them before. They are truly spectacular. They are unbelievably professional, and really fun. It was really exciting and interesting for me to see them come back to the set and be embraced by the cast and crew the way they were. They were so loved, and there were a lot of tears and laughter and hugging. It was a great day." As far as the episode itself, and how it compares to last year's 50th celebration, the exec days, "We’re trying to make sure we mine the entire field of rich history that is GENERAL HOSPITAL as opposed to repeating some of things we’ve done. Instead of competing with ourselves, we didn’t want to repeat ourselves. The anniversary episode is really, really special, and there are many, many fun surprises for the audience and many nostalgic moments for them to enjoy."

* http://www.soapoperadigest.com/content/exclusive-gh-anniversary-preview *

NOW LETS ALL SPECULATE as to how that's going to work and squeal for joy!!!!!!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Port Charles... not the best city to live in

Sorry for not posting Friday guys! I was uber sick and I had to work Sat so there just was no time... If it makes you feel any better Friday wasn't that great. If anything it just showed us how the institutions of Port Charles have failed it's residents. Allow me to explain.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Port Charles is going through some Seattle like emotions right now - Dr recommends Julexis as the cure

Ugly Crying. That's all Lulu gets to do anymore...
Guys, I'm not gonna lie, it's been really hard to write the blog after Monday's episode. Usually we have drama mixed with some good things, or some funny things, but right now... right now it's all depression all the time. It's hard to turn depression into comedy without feeling like I am cheapening the characters I know and love. So please bear with me/us as the blog will probably be a little less funny until we can get some Julexis or Franco/Carly action. That makes me even more sad, because one of the favorite parts of my day is coming home, watching GH, and then sharing my sarcastic (but truly loving) commentary with you. Hell, I can't even make fun of Liz right now... where has all the joy gone?? Anyhow, I'll try to recap and bring the jokes as best as possible, but know it might not be great until we get some joy back. Maybe some adorable kid moments? Who knows.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

And the blood bath continues

I was reminded of two very important lessons in today's episode. First, if you have two days of jam packed goodness episodes, day 3 will be slow and mostly sad. Second, no matter how much you attempt to change you will always have to pay for your prior crimes. Both of these lessons caused me great duress today. Why you ask? Well let me explain.
She looks so broken...

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

This episode should be the Emmy submission episode for the writers FOR SURE

So much emotion. 

Wow. If you'll excuse me I need to catch my breath after that episode because DAMN. I know you all feel the same. I mean really... that was.... fantastic, superb, NOT NEARLY LONG ENOUGH

Ok so here's what's happening 3/24/14 pt 2

Janel's Ramblings:

Well let me first start off with saying that I spent all weekend reeling from the reveal of Luke funding Julian’s operation. I agree with Tatiana in that the timelines don’t line up. I have a theory (please see below).

Monday, March 24, 2014

A Moment In Time

I have to start off with saying I am now EVEN MORE confused than I was at the conclusion of Friday's episode. Also 2 classic cliffhangers in a row? To what do we owe this pleasure? Oh that's right week's of episodes where the writers were on vacation. Of course the high octane level of awesomeness is making it more difficult to process the information at such a fast rate. As a result I am doing more of a time line today. I know it's not a recap, but how can I recap something I don't fully understand? Bear with me, and if you read this blog on a regular basis please comment because I need help figuring this out. (wait was Luke bankrolling Julian when he had Polonium poisoning? See, guys this makes NO SENSE)

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Wait... Hold on... Let's rewind so that this story makes sense...

Friday's episode was basically 47 minutes of filler to get to a whiplash surprise ending that I don't even think I fully understand at this moment.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Today on GH - You realize that 80% of the party goers are cousins.

It's time for the biggest party before the Nurses's Ball to begin! Everyone is glamming up, hitting the docks and gearing up for the most dramatic outing since the Art Gallery opening! Since today was really a lead up to tomorrow's show (which will totally end with a classic Friday cliffhanger {I love classic Friday Cliffhangers!}) we're not going to do a proper recap. Instead....

Party Time - The Cassadine Way!
The temporarily happy couple

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Let's all get ready for the party!!! Also I have an idea for the Nurses ball...

I will totally write about today after I finish calming down about how GOOD tomorrow is going to be. 

Today's theme was #makegoodchoices , and #quickly because tomorrow is the party!!!! All around town stories were progressing left and right so that tomorrow's party would be drama-rific! Well, and things happened with TJ... but more on that later. 

MIA: Aiden Spencer
Britt's opportunity to #makegoodchoices - Britt took Brad's advice and wrote all her crimes and guilt down in a letter to send to no one. Why didn't she type the letter you ask? Duh, it couldn't accidentally get in the wrong hands if she typed it! Passwords! #oldtimeyplotdevice Anyhow, right after she writes the letter and prepares to dispose of it properly but newly adorable (I thought he was boring) Cameron and Liz come in, because this kid has to babysit himself... in an office... in the hospital. Wait who is watching Aiden? Why can't Cameron go there? Oh the story line.. riiiight. Britt nervously puts the incriminating envelope on a stack of envelopes (like ya do) makes small talk and then grabs "the" envelope and bails. She later thinks she has burned it in a completely pointless scene at Windemere, but Ha! She is wrong! She grabbed the wrong letter (which i totally called) and the right paper (no longer in an envelope) has now been folded in to a cute little heart that Cam wants Liz to give to Emma! TOMORROW IS GOING TO BE SO GOOD part1

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Ghosts Don't Lie

Today was a perfectly fine Tuesday episode I suppose. Minor plot movements and some stagnant stories as well. 

Nicolas spends the whole episode talking to ghost Emily, where she is totally pleading a case for Liz because she wants Nic to be with the woman that he loves. Later Nic says he does love Britt but she will never replace Emily. Tears were shed, that got me right in the feels. When I first started watching GH many moons ago. A little Amber Tamblyn was head over heals for a skinnier Tyler Christopher. I shipped them right off the bat, but she was young and troubled and he was the cool slightly older prince just out of her reach. It took awhile for them to actually get together (a couple Nics & a couple Emilys) but when they made it I was super happy. So to see now, that she will always be his true love? Well done writers, well done.
this is oldest pic I could find of Nic and Emily, but the scene I referenced is before Liz got to town

Port Charles drama bleeds through to the interweb & An Open Letter to Sean Kanan

Quite a bit of drama and laughs from the lovely city of Port Charles bled out on to the interweb. Some of it was comedic, some was not only not comedic but had some dramatic implications for we the viewer, and for most of the people in town.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Today's Episode: Just call me Olivia, cause I totally called that!

This weekend and today so many things happened on the interweb that were #GH related. So as a result there will be no formal recap today, so we can make room for a brief recap of the breaking GH news and an open letter to Sean Kanan (to be posted shortly following today's daily post). 

HOWEVER- let's all acknowledge that I am currently channeling Olivia, as I totally called some of today's plot points. I also had a foggy vision, as Olivia often does, and I knew that with this AJ story line would lead to casting news. Just in case you need a brief catch up "NOT SO LIVE TWEETS" are below followed by our special feature.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Today's Episode: Man Candy

Remember when all the good stuff would go down on a Friday, and the ending was so killer you screamed at your TV because you had to wait til Monday? Ya today’s not so much… Don’t get me wrong, today wasn’t horrible. I think the writers have finally returned from vacation, but it wasn’t cliffhanger good. There was no adorable princeling today, but there was some minor story progression. OH! There was also 36 minutes before Detective West put on his shirt. It was a grand 36 minutes.
.@DetWst: I've made a new fashion choice. Shirts are for losers #YOUREWELCOME

A post on a Thursday? Yes I'm shocked too

Look at me I finally posted on a Thursday! As a reward the writer’s gave me/us loads of Spencer adorableness and some slight story progression, which is better than a pure filler episode.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Aww you guys (writers) you didn't have to (yes you did)

Dude! You guys, TODAY WAS SOOO GOOD! Remember yesterday when I was pretty sure it was gonna suck? Well the writers were like “Tatiana stop talking so much ish on the show, you love us remember?” Sure sure, we didn’t get all the things I wanted, but we got some of them, and others are promised for tomorrow!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Soupsnakes and a lot of blah blah blah....

Janel's Recap:

I’m back! And it looks like I’ve missed some pretty impressive story lines. Thanks Tatiana for keeping us all up to date! Sorry I was absent right after launching this blog, but what can you do?

Monday, March 10, 2014

Let's all be honest about what actually mattered today

I have to admit I wasn’t fully invested in today’s episode- lots of stuff on the brain ya know? Fortunately the writer’s knew this and gave me just enough to really care about.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Wait, this doesn't write itself? Oops!

Again guys, so sorry about the not being around Thursday and Friday, but the week was long and those days were busy…. Well … I had to re-watch Once Upon a Time in preparation for today’s mid season premiere. Do you watch? You should.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Shake it out

Today was an altogether stressful episode for me. It wasn’t the best, but it was far better than Monday, or most of yesterday’s. I still haven’t finish processing that last scene. But of course I must as that scene started today’s… sort of. I don’t like this trend now where they reshoot the last scene. I say “new trend” because before I came back to the love that is GH they would just reshow the same scene from the day before. Now it’s always a reshoot, sometimes with different lines. It can really kill a scene too so I don’t know why they do that. For example, yesterday was INTENSE and that intensity was maximized with a seething, spit covered Sonny. In the reshot scene he looks mad, but not seething and in the moment… like he had been. Right off the bat I am very concernicus for this whole situation. First of all, we’ve all exhaustively researched this now right? Sean Kanan isn’t leaving so he’s gotta live right?

Wait... what JUST HAPPENED?

I have to admit I fell asleep during Tuesday's episode. I thought it was going to be a purely mockable episode so I really wasn't paying attention. I decided to rewatch when I got home today just for reference. All was going as planned as I thought my only material would be about Leslie Charleson's addiction to horrible plastic surgery, and Anna's inability to knock Olbrecht out when she totally should have.

but then.....

Monday, March 3, 2014

Seriously, was there an auction?

Wait a minute…. was there an auction recently for walk on roles??? I mean right of the bat two random people have speaking lines! Quick someone find out! Janel and I need to sign up and bid if this auction really is a thing! Also let’s shout out and congratulate the GH actors/actresses who were nominated for Daytime Emmys!!! Yay us! We all know who should win though...


Can they have a joint Emmy?

Those of you who were nominated and didn’t deserve it… well you probably won’t win.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

A couple off days...

    I'd like to start off by apologizing to our small amount of readers that we flaked out the last couple of episodes... However, I must defend that 5 hours of GH only TV is a lot to view for all GH fans with a semblance of a life. Sometimes I come home after a long day, and I don't want to think at all let alone analyze. In our defense I must also point out that the writers also took 2 days off not to long ago, or these two episodes would have been much better. I watched them back to back and honestly forgot they were 2 separate episodes. None of the stories really progressed, I mean come on Robin is STILL THERE. Is it just me or is the longest goodbye ever? There was a last minute progression at the end of Friday where AJ finally remembers he didn't kill Connie, but does it bother anyone else that the only way AJ, the recovering alcoholic, can only remember if he is drinking? That's kind of wrong right? Anyways hopefully Janel and I (and more importantly the writers) will be back on our game tomorrow.