Friday, May 30, 2014

Fresh like Corinthos Coffee - We live tweeted today's #GH - 5/30/14 live blog and recap! #julexis

Wow, that was EX-HAUSTING . Watching it live is so stressful! When you don't have to worry about commercials you can just FF all the nonsense and then take time to regroup! But not today! We had to deal with all this madness first hand! We discuss after the jump, but first let's all laugh at our girl +Nancy Lee Grahn who is the BEST +General Hospital cast member on +Twitter 

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Trying to quell my anger with a #Julexis makeout sesh? THAT WILL NOT WORK WRITERS - 5/29/14 #GH recap

Wow.... I just. Nope, I'd like to return some of these twists for a full refund please! What a day to come back... Am I right? SO.MUCH.CRAZY. I don't even know where to start....We could Tarantino it.... Ya. Let's do that because that reveal is the only one I can mentally comprehend at this time. 

Luke!!!! #theRETURN

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Unfortunately I don't live in a land where one can get from NY to PR in 2 minutes.... and ran out of time to post on Tuesday.... but hey #JULEXIS !

I don't have a time machine like Sonny must have, I am still not getting over the instatrip to Puerto Rico, and so I will return to +General Hospital   blogging tomorrow. Apologies to all. Instead please enjoy preview coverage and NOT SO LIVE TWEETS!

More of this.
Joel agrees - less of this! 

Apparently when you watch live you forget to post the thing you were working on - Friday 5/23/14

After a day full of quick story telling and heartbreak, Friday's episode had a bit of a slower pace and some jokes to break up our overwhelming depression. We also got the bomb that there will be no +General Hospital on Monday. But Tuesday is going to be AMAZEBALLS good. Why? Well we live tweeted, and then forgot to recap... so rather than post the recap just check out the tweets and we'll return to regularly scheduled programming today. Our bad.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Pretty sure today's #GH was shorter than yesterdays, or maybe it was just #alltheHeartbreak #allthefeels #allthetears #Julexis

I might still be crying. It's possible I can't handle the emotion from today. I feel like it went by so fast, punching me in #theFEELS at every turn... and there wasn't even any shirtless West to make up for it. That's just mean. I just....


Just another night in PC #JulexisFam dinner & a #DrugBust -5/20 &5/21 #GH recap

Damn. just.... wow.... the #Feels, the #tears, and #allTheStorylines being wrapped up! #SOGOOD .I need time to process. Just know that Julian made me cry, West made me swoon, and Fluke made me VERY VERY ANGRY. Everything started out so good on Tuesday - West was shirtless, the #Julexis vibes were strong, the family was happy. The show just had to keep being amazingly awesome and had to RUIN EVERYTHING - because the writers are awesome!!! It hurts me, because they are so good.... So much to talk about!

Everyone was happy... and then everything got HORRIBLE 

Monday, May 19, 2014

#JulexisFam #adorable #OVERLOAD - 5/19/2014 GH recap

I was going to wait until tomorrow to post about today's episode, but the amount of #JulexisFam on today's +General Hospital  made it impossible to ignore. So please forgive the ghetto screenshots and let's dive in shall we?

Three Generations of #JulexisFam bringing the #adorbz to PC

Apparently no one got the #mobMemo that you have to pick 1 Family... 5/16/14 #GH Recap

Friday's episode had lots of storylines making sizeable progressions, and a hint of #Julexis. This mob war just keeps getting more complicated as the days go by. I swear if they bring in Brad's triad family.... Anyhow let's discuss!


Thursday, May 15, 2014

The writers continue to reward us for putting up with Fluke by giving us more #Julexis !

Ok guys, before we talk about it, and before it goes away - let's start a petition to to have every  +General Hospital episode be like today's. No no no, not fully of fast forward worthy storlylines. I am talking about 25% Julexis, 75% other stuff. I'd say we should move it to 50/50 but that would be a pipe dream. I am pretty sure we could get enough signatures. Anyway let's discuss...

Le Sigh....

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Today there were approx 32 minutes of storylines that were not #julexis , I didn't care about them and you probably didn't either!

With the #NursesBall it was time to get back to the truly juicy storylines... HA! No we don't! It was a total Wednesday. Everyone needed a day off so it was a day of filler, but never fear the writers gave us something we have been DYING FOR ---- #JULEXIS!!!!!! That is basically all I will be talking about... just FYI. So if you don't like #Julexis - WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? Oh and you probably won't want to read this. 

FINALLY (courteousy of @jessicaprimme)

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Day 4 of the #NursesBall brings the end of the festivities and the start to #ALLYOURTEARS

Well #NursesBall2014 has finally come to a close. It was amazing. Many hearts were broken, many second chances were missed, some were given, and there was quite a lot of dancing. I didn't think I was going to give much of a recap today, because I really missed the end thanks to stupid cable, but I was able to watch the final scene on abc.com... And now I can't stop crying... So let's talk it out. 

Brad Auto Tune Rapping /The Haunted Starlets? #IDONTCAREILOVEIT - DAY 3 of the #NURSESBALL

Wow. I don't know if the #NursesBall has been THIS GOOD in years! I'm not even joking because it was gone for a few years. We are on Day 3 of what looks to be a 4 day event, and things just keep getting better and better! Now excuse me while I jam to the smooth sounds of Player (who have a new cd coming out #PRODUCTPLACEMENT)
The #NursesBall has been brought to you by a shirtless West and #YoplaitGreekYogurt

Monday, May 12, 2014

Nurses Ball Day 3--Reconciling Is In The Air

Ok day 3. 

Sonny is desperately trying to get Olivia to talk to him. I say stand strong Olivia!! During "Baby Come Back" she runs out. Sonny runs after her but she has none of it. 

The sexual tension between Maxie and Nathan is growing. They would be a great couple. I like them together. #Levihastogo Levi is starting to notice that maybe Maxie in PC is different than who she was when they will traveling. 

The Tracy/Fluke wedding had some interesting reactions. Turns out that Ned overthrew Tracy as CEO. And MICHAEL IS THE NEW CEO!!! I love this so much. It's the perfect thing to help Michael honor AJ and do good. Oh I hope it sticks. Of course now it puts him at the top of Flukes hit list. 

In an attempt to win back Lucas, Brad Cooper performs and it's good. Lots of auto tune, back up dancers and an embarrassed Lucas. The performance seems to backfire and send Lucas to Felix, which by the way I thought it should be the two of them from the beginning. And then Brad acts stupidly at the end. 

Other than that there was lots of sexual tension between everyone. Julian and Alexis were adorable. Spenser won our hearts--I hope he wins Emma's too. Britt pleaded to Nikolas and Ric pleaded to Elizabeth. 

-Epiphany chanting "underwear" is only a little disturbing. #amiright
-stand strong Olivia 
-so happy Maxie and Lulu are friends again
-I too am loving the BFF of Britt and Brad. 
-Blackie tease!!! Not cool guys. Not cool. 
-I hope Levi realizes how Maxie isn't the girl he thinks she is
-shut up Cameron!! 
-he'll yeah!!! Nathan and Maxie. I like how he's the only one still in his underwear
-Kiki and Michael are the best. 
-#flukes alliteration cracks me up. 
-Brad Cooper's impromptu performance has back up dancers. And auto tune and how did Tatiana not call it?? A performance to win back Lucas. 
-stop it Epiphany. Ew!
-NNNOOOOO Mr. Marbles #snackbreak 
-Epiphany to the rescue #thankgoodness
-sad Mac. I need a meme of this stat. 
-Milo needs to stay. Don't go away again. 
-Spenser is the best!! That moment with him and Britt was adorable. 
-he's totally going to crash Emma and Cameron's song. 
-the Haunted Starlettes??? No way is Levi going to like Maxie doing it. #herhairgrewSOfastbackstage
-that was great. A song to show off Kelly Monacos dancing. #dwts 
-everyone seemed to like it. 
-oh snap! Tracy is ousted!! YES! Michael as CEO
-Eddie Gomez?? Who's that?? And what?? Lucas and TJ performing in every number. #whoknewtheyweresomusical
-did Sean kill TJs dad because he loved Jordan?!?!?! #callingit 
-Julian is great. #julexis
-awkward table for 3.  Spenser, Britt and Spenser. 
-cuteness is here!! Cameron webber?? Isn't he Xander's kid??
-this is so much better than I could have imagined #teamSpenser #Babycomeback
-could Nikolas be any more of a clueless father??
-oh Fluke what are you going to do?? #bwahahahahaha
-the duality of the Ric/Elizabeth and Britt/Nik convos are great. 
-No. Bad Brad Cooper. Bad. 
-Reconsiling everywhere 

You took the words right out of my mouth - DAY 2 of the #NURSESBALL !!!

Guys. GUYS. I MEAN GUYS. Day 2 of the #NURSESBALL was SOOOO GOOD. Let's RAISE OUR GLASS and dive in shall we??


Thursday, May 8, 2014

Day 1 #NursesBall coverage!!! Red Carpets! Sexy Hunks! Dancing! and #JULEXIS !!!

Let's get this party started! The sooner we start the sooner Lucy loses her outfit!! #TRADITIONS ! +General Hospital #NURSESBALL #2014

Welcome! and Bienvienue!!!

Nurses Ball Part 1 (of hopefully many)

So this is going to be a little choppy. My thoughts on what's happening. Tweet-like responses to the red carpet and performances and an overall review. Hope you enjoy!! 
Courtesy of Abc.com

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Everyone rehearses for #NursesBall2014 in their underwear .. and I'm totally ok with it.

I passed out during yesterday's episode because yesterday was very exhausting. Plus Tuesday is my busiest TV day during the standard TV season ( +Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.  , +The Mindy Project ) , and lastly there was a +Los Angeles Dodgers game.... So, I'd like to apologize for not talking about +General Hospital . I had to watch the tail end of yesterday's to be fully prepared for today's so just a heads up, today is like a #SUPERSIZED recap... kinda.... Plus #NURSESBALL2014 tomorrow!! Are you ready for #ALLTHEDANCING??? (all the #BOOTYSHAKIN)

On to the recap!

Janel's Live "Tweets"--Pre-Nurses Ball Hyjinx

Ok well it's Wednesday. Today's episode will probably be boring--most Wednesdays are. But tomorrow is the Nurses' Ball so there's hope! Well here we go...

Monday, May 5, 2014

There is no reason to celebrate - because no one ever solves anything in Port Charles

As I wait patiently for the #NursesBall to begin Thursday, the drama was gearing towards full steam (before it slams on the breaks for fun dancing numbers) So as I dream about the picture below possibly leading to one of my #NB2014 Predictions, let's talk about today's episode shall we?

courtesy of Fyeahgh.tumblr.com

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sunday Funday = @AJsTweets!

Friday's episode was a barrell of laughs. Monday is going get craaaazy. So please, in preparation - enjoy the #NSLT and today's special #AJsTWEETS!

Friday, May 2, 2014

My Dream #NURSESBALL2014 Performance List

Helloooooo Ladies and Gentlemen! It's that time of the year again, the #NursesBall is just a few weeks away! Whether it will be a few weeks in #GH time or real time - I am not sure yet- it promises to be a great show. Why? Because I can only remember 1 bad Nurses Ball, and I think it's because it was on the way out so they only showed like 2 performances. The hilarity and brilliance of the Nurses Ball is that no matter what amazing drama is going on in the regular storylines, people have apparently had time to rehearse together on multiple occasions so the performances come off relatively flawless. It also generally has people perform together that are never on screen together, or who you forget are actually family until they perform something adorable together. It's also a fantastic time for normally straight laced characters to let loose and sing something silly/wacy or you know.. perform with a dummy (I'm looking at you MAC!) I have compiled my dream performance list (not necessarily in order) for #NURSESBALL2014 . I have also included some #FLASHBACKFRIDAY pics from my fav past #NursesBall performances. I am hoping the writers and Lucy can make my dreams come true!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Today's episode give @myjasonthompson #ALLTHEEMMYS and #THREECHEERS for PATRICK!!!

Hiiii all my budddiessss! I hope that you don't mind I didn't post about yesterday's episode, because honestly it was horrible.... BUT TODAY WAS SO GOOD!!!!! Totally made up for yesterday!!! Today's episode justified @myjasonthompson getting #ALLTHEEMMYS and Patrick getting #ALLTHEWINS (despite all the crap he is going through)

Breaking News--Daytime Emmy Awards Announced

Well the Daytime Emmy nominations were announced today and we are outraged, OUTRAGED I TELL YOU!! Don't get me wrong, we are thrilled at those who got nominated but feel that a lot of great performances were overlooked. AND the fact that General Hospital itself was not nominated for Outstanding Drama Series is ridiculous! Also with the Young and the Restless toping the number of nominations it makes me a little jealous because they stole Steve Burton (Jason) and Tristan Rogers (Robert).