Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Ok so he didn't lie... sort of. Oh the gray area that is #GH ethics these days, also #julexis 09/30 recap

I'm back! And I think it's time we had a +General Hospital intervention. Some might say the show has been lacking in depth etc, but I am not talking about that - because it's a soap and my expectations are not THAT high. I know what I am getting into everyday at 2 (or you know whenever I come home), and I have enjoyed the ups and downs since '96 so there isn't much that will scare me away. HOWEVER, can we all agree that perhaps, just maybe, certain characters need to jump off the broken record just for a few days so I don't want to throw something at my TV? No, I'm not talking about Carly. Don't get mad... because the person I'm talking about is...
I am however less irritated at him when he is shirtless.... 

let me explain - 

We start off the day jumping right back into the #Julexis story thread, for which I will never complain. Alexis wants to know if Julian is working for Fluke. There's banter, anger, heat etc. It's all good. Except, of course, when Julian lies AGAIN. What's worse is he swears on Alexis's life and Sam's life. Look, I know he knows Luke is Fluke, so technically he isn't lying per se. But trust that Alexis will NOT see it that way if anything comes out before the legit Fluke reveal. My anger was quelled for the time being when she goes to leave and he brings it back to their relationship. Does she really want to go? No, obviously not and they make out. Before I have a chance to complain that it's just a way to end their fighting, Julian backs away. He doesn't want to sleep with her if she is just going to leave him again, because #LOVE and stuff. She promises she won't, not this time, but she doesn't know the "truth" yet so let's not hold our breath. I will give props to Jules for that though. It shows that beneath the lies, and more so than just the pure heat - he cares for her. My heart breaks a little, I just want them to be happy. I believe there is hope once this whole Fluke nonsense comes to an end. Side note, I like how much the last two days Julian has shown care for Ava, they have a highly dysfunctional relationship but in the end he doesn't want her hurt. Win. 

Look at Bryan looking all ponderus. 
Speaking of Ava, apparently half truths/semi lies are big in the Jerome family. Ava has finally made the big reveal about Aj's death to Kiki and Morgan. However, she opts to spare them the "gory details"... you know the details that include her killing Connie, AJ strangling her, etc. Kiki, used to Ava's lies, doesn't believe the story AT ALL. I must wonder how Kiki is so naive still, she has a mom and an uncle that are involved in the "business" and she's lived in PC for longer than 10 minutes. Morgan on the other hand, puts the pieces together. In his many attempts to tell Morgan the truth, without telling him the truth, Sonny has given him the same information. Morgan shows how much he has grown, and how even without knowing the whole truth he understands why Mikey does NOT need to know this information. He knows regardless of everything else, this information will kill Mikey. Not just for a little while, it will break his soul and everything he knows. Points for Morgan here, a year ago he would have been vindictive and immature and either told Mikey to spite him, or done something to spite Sonny. He is truly his parents' son, gray area ethics but true love and concern for his family. Also let's take a moment and give Bryan some serious acting props here. When he first came to the show, he was more of a pretty face with not so great acting chops. In the last few months he has vastly improved and now I think he is immensely talented. Let's hope they continue to give him good story with which to work. 

Mikey is over at his apartment being held at gunpoint, like ya do when your dad is a mob boss. But thanks to the awesome plot device stalling tactics Shawn bursts in just in time. Things don't get to interesting, although the Jerome muscle almost reveals who he is working for. Anyhow, a struggle goes down and the gun goes off. I was ready to throw something at my TV if Rosalie accidentally got Mikey killed, but alas the bad guy is dead. Mikey tells Shawn to call Sonny and the parentals rush over ASAP to get this cleaned up and check on their son. Their mob family dynamic works (although it freaks out Rosalie for a little while) and I can't imagine the darkness that would arise in Mikey, who is obviously ok with killing if he needs to, should he find out about their secret. Carly is none to pleased the family business continues to affect the boys but I mean hey... what did you expect?

An app? What's that? I am super dumb with technology (but not revenge plots)
The whole gunpoint fiasco interrupted our latest stop on the Carly/ Sonny/Franco/Nina train. Franco lets his bestie Nina know that he's actually spying on Carly via his super ugly engagement gift to Carly. See he loves her and stuff, but he wants to make sure he can trust her... in a super creepy way that will break HER trust. They take a look at the live feed and Carly is actually jumping off the broken record wheel as she doesn't even kiss Sonny once, she just tells him to bounce when the kid talk is over. Although whether or not that would have continued had the call from Shawn not come in is a different story. The best part of this storyline is that NINA is the RATIONAL one here..... WHAT the WHAT. She tries to relay to Franco that this may be overstepping the crazy line and from what she's seen maybe Carly just made a mistake. In a world where Nina is talking someone away from the crazy ledge nothing makes sense. I don't like agreeing with her, but I just want Carly and Franco to MOVE ON and be the couple they were like 6 months ago. Is that too much to ask? If you have thoughts on this please let me know.

So many people, so little crime solving. 
Lastly we spent some time with the Scooby gang and the Falconari's as they STILL try to figure out the mystery that is Fluke/car crash. Dante, who must be EXHAUSTED, is still the only one who has things mostly right. However the group has managed to make some progress - Fluke possibly bad, definitley met with Julian, maybe car crash? They talk about going to Amsterdam to solve the case once and for all... Poor Dante needs a vacation from all this traveling.  Rather than fly to Amsterdam (which I doubt they do because of the previews) why don't you hold a town meeting and everyone compare notes. That is apparently the only way this is going to get solved. Also, the car crash is completely unrelated... but one case at a time am I right?


Nathan talks to Anna, Maxie goes to see Morgan (wait why?), Silas/Danny/Sam spend time together (Go ahead and disappear now Patrick), ok apparently they aren't going to Amsterdam because Patrick is at GH talking to Liz (ya talk to her, go away, far away from Sam), Kiki is not doing well with secrets (so many so fast) and Sonny has interrupted sexy time. UGH. 


  • Julian. DO NOT LIE. PLEASE. I beg of you!
  • UGH, Nina 2 days in a row. I get it, you're giving us #julexis... but must we SUFFER??
  • "How are you going to watch Carly every moment of the day?" THERE'S AN APP FOR THAT
  • You think she'll tell the whole truth about the AJ/Sonny Fiasco?
  • Sean, you have horrible timing. You couldn't wait like 10 SECONDS?? Sheesh.
  • Sometimes Sonny is scary, I still love him though. I always will.
  • Tracy, continuing to trust Luke just makes you look dumb. 
  • I'm sorry, Nina has an ethical problem with this? The woman who drugged her husband? riiiight 
  • Ok everyone compare notes. Figure this out. IT'S NOT HARD.
  • UGH WHAT THE HELL JULIAN? do you mean because it's Fluke? Not Luke. I CAN'T HANDLE THIS. 
  • CARLY. Ugh, don't you know you are being filmed? 
  • Um excuse me, the gory details are VERY IMPORTANT. Now is not the time to be concise!
  • I swear Rosalie if Mikey is shot because of you.... #wrath
  • "Fix this" how do you not know what the means? You work for a BAD GUY.
  • She is going to be SO PISSED after she sleeps with him and then finds out he lied to her (kinda)
  • I want to swoon, I do, but he LIED again! (kinda)
  • Today's theme is lying (kinda). Or telling the truth (kinda). ARGH.
  • This whole episode is a SITUATION. 
  • He put on the brakes??? Is he going to tell her the truth??? PLEASE soap gods!
  • I am so confused by this current Nina. Honestly, so confused. 
  • I am now currently #TeamMorgan . He knows that what Mikey doesn't know, will save him.
  • Oh she's definitely not going to kiss him now. Win. 
  • Yes, go to Amsterdam Patrick. Your daughter doesn't need you. 
  • Alexis do you also promise not to leave when you find out more of the truth?