Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Sorry #SIAM haters , Silas/Nina is not a thing. SCORE 1 Writers #GH 10/15/14

just... this... 

full blog post to follow... (soon i swear, later today even) 


  • Nicky is getting so tall. Just more inches of adorableness. 
  • Big Oaf? That was not just poorly acted but highly inaccurate. Brit is skinny like a waif. 
  • "he might not look like he used to" because of recasting, not bandages.
  • She's not looking at him weird because he looks like Jason, it's just that it's Liz so anything without bandages is attractive... 
  • Like "a buzzard on roadkill"? Looks like the $10 bets have returned to the +General Hospital writer's room.
  • Aw, Dr. Collins. I miss Kevin. Can I trade Scott for Kevin? Or is he too busy guesting on +Castle ?
  • Aww Nik.... 
  • She's literally hitting on John Doe right now. Dude, Liz, being single is cool. Plus RIC IS ALIVE #TeamRic (I miss @rickhearst , this Fluke thing needs to end) 
  • Why would you want ELQ? A year ago that company was literally floundering, relying on relish! Mikey must be some sort of business wunderkind 
  • I mean really, he doesn't even look like a James. 
  • Her lawyers could probably give Dianne and Alexis a run for their money, cause apparently they can get you out of murder charges like NBD.
  • Brad Cooper!!! I missed you so much! (ok not really "much" but some)
  • Are you ready? Are you ready for Silas to just OWN Nina? I AM. SO EXCITED.
  • HOLD UP. So Fluke was Jerry? No, because Fluke knows about ELQ not being Tracy's right? I am so confused. JUST TELL ME!!!!
  • Fingerprints 101 will be held MWF with professor Devane in the interrogation room
  • For a kid who lies all the time, he really let's the lies slip OFTEN.
  • I am  terrified for Nik to find out the truth... 
  • Nathan, just proving again he is amazing and all other men pale in comparison.
  • Someone will undoubtedly erase the results if he leaves. So you know... don't leave.
  • The point of that extra was??? OH HE'S A CASSADINE LACKEY!! SNEAKY! 
  • I just remembered I haven't seen Felix in ages. #sadface
  • Brad, stop giving me #Feels! Just RUDE.
  • Homeless, penniless, BUT STILL WEARING PEARLS. It's called a pawn shop.
  • Yes! The yelling has started - everyone shut up!
  • Oh ya Nina, EXPLAIN. How many  lies can you try to get away with?
  • Stafford is really not "great" at the acting today. It's a good thing Easton is AMAZING.
  • I feel trapped by this Nina storyline.
  • HA! #SIAM FOREVER! He will never forgive you crazy eyes!!! 
  • So are we going to place bets on how long until the official "It's Jason!" reveal?
  • I really miss Jonathan Jackson on #GH. Maybe Avery could go on vacation on +Nashville , just so Liz has more conflict in her life to distract her from her children.
  • Nina - the lies are so bad, you can't even keep track of your old lies. #WORST
  • SONOFABITCH she is truly AWFUL. UGH. WORST. I hate her more as he yells at her. 
  • At this point you she should just own up to how she hates him. It's more entertaining that way. 
  • HA! Jerry is so right, I love Jason but he couldn't take anyone in a fight. He's a toothpick. 
  • Did Jerry just say something was "Meta"? I love the good villains. Nina is such a waste of villain
  • I'm just going to start planning the Royal Wedding now. #love
  • Aww #Bratt (hahaha that's a hilarious coupling name) is adorable
  • FOR REAL, I love Nathan - but I DO NOT CARE about these scenes. More Nina bashing PLEASE!
  • "OUR MARRIAGE IS OVER NINA" Yayyyy party time!!! #DANCEPARTY 
  • She sure got home fast! I mean did a helicopter pick her up? No way the boat was just "ready to go"
  • I hope whoever cast Nicky gets a bonus every time he does something like the fist pump dance in the hall.
  • Ok... so Jerry is still working with Helena.... SO WHO THE HELL IS FLUKE. GAH!
  • See guys, told ya. We're going to have to wait for a good while before the big reveal. Writing at it's best.
  • Drinking game idea - every time someone mentions that nuJason looks "nothing like himself" or is "unrecognizable to family" take a shot. You'll be plastered by Wednesday.


Sonny wants Franco gone (but loud enough for Carly to overhear), Silas confronts Franco (maybe he should text Sam again... no that's too needy), Nina tries to get Rosalie to take the fall for her, Jordan goes to talk to nuJason (aren't their restrictions on who can see patients?), something is wrong with the baby, and DAMINT I think Britt tells Nik the truth (I have feels already!)

Monday, October 13, 2014

Thursday, October 9, 2014

If Buzzfeed watched GH

Yes, I'm still here, watching everyday. But I don't feel like I have a lot of funny things to write, and frankly, Tatiana is so good at it.

But last night we were talking and we started coming up with funny lists that we think Buzzfeed could do about General Hospital.

While watching today's boring episode, I came up with many more.

So from time to time we will be adding funny lists we think Buzzfeed should do about the residents of Port Charles.

Here's what I go so far.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Today will be a double post day, so first have some tweets from yesterday! 10/2/14 #GH


  • Can I see a prospectus or mission statement for ELQ? Watching since 96 and I am still unclear as to WHAT THEY DO.
  • she's upstairs hiding from unwanted visitors is code for "day off"
  • For real Maxie, just what is the PROBLEM
  • Aww I like cool wicked Sabrina, but I do have a soft spot for sweet Sabrina, cause #PABRINA, you can hate it's totally cool
  • Dear ABC, stop trying to make #TGIT happen, it's not going to happen.
  • Ok I love the old twins, but this new Danny is too freaking adorable, and talks so... good change +General Hospital writers. 
  • I miss Rafe. 
  • "It's been handled" Mikey is really a cold S-O-B when it comes to the killin'
  • I've been thinking about Nathan since he came to Port Charles, so I totally feel her pain.
  • I bet you +Ryan Paevey-Vlieger has never had to beg for a date. Like ever. 
  • Does Morgan not know someone tried to kill his brother? Does he have Sonny rage?
  • Mikey being treated like someone of the age that still gets called "MIKEY" poor kid
  • Lulu, you are totally right - it's not your dad. It's a dude pretending to be him.
  • Dante, think about what you just said, the best plan here is to go to MISCAVITCH - not AMSTERDAM. OY.
  • So, you know you are the parent right Sam? Like you can pick him up and make him go? Or ya... give the kid more sugar, sure. #PARENTING
  • Something different, and yet SO SIMILAR about this guy... cause you know, he's from here. 
  • Guys, the two of you are not strangers. In fact you both have had kids with him. #justsayin
  • She won't fall apart, but she might go trying to kill another person. #newSabrina
  • Lulu should teach the new parenting class at #GH. Outline will be:
    • step 1: you are the parent , your kid should not make rules #spencer #danny
    • step 2: your child might listen to you more often if you are in the same general vicinity more than 65% of the time #danny #spencer #emma #cameron #aiden #molly
    • Step 3: if they are now an adult try to guide them but don't try to put them in time out #morgan #michael #molly #robin 
    • Step 4: If you lead a dangerous life sending the child away will probably only hurt in the long run #Morgan #Nicolas #Robin #Christina #Aiden
    • Step 5: If your child has more than 2 parents, don't kill the other parent #Michael #Kiki #Nathan 

  • Working remotely? I hope the wifi connection is good! #reallifePROBLEMS
  • Morgan is so ready to take over the family business in like 10 years. He has the moral gray area thing DOWN
  • Maxie is literally making up excuses at this point #smh
  • Um btw I meant to bring up this fact: Did Jordan and Anna apperate out of the office? Like they were having a conversation IN THAT ROOM yesterday and it didn't show them leaving so...
  • Hey you know how you get to know someone? DATE THEM. 
  • The tiny details are going to make me swoon aren't they? #sexypants #swoon #melting
  • Aww look Michael has put on his BIG BOY pants. He's all growed up!
  • Dante is the perfect man. He only got Sonny's good qualities. 
  • Ugh she's back to being annoying. #sabrina
  • Family bond ladies and gents. Science? Actual Medicine? Nah, that's uncool
  • I gotta do some FFing, I've got places to be. 
  • Nah, don't go get the doctor - let's gossip instead. #priorities
  • Ah yes, pick up Kiki - where she's having a secret conversation with Morgan - that's gonna work out well. Do we want to clock how fast he'll get to the brownstone?
  • Do you think Franco has the app open right now??
  • At least the doorknob is loud so they weren't still talking when he walked in #luck
  • It's ok Liz, he can "come around on his own" now because they cast the part. So you know #fate


Divorce! Dating! Male Bonding! Ex-Bonding (maybe)! Spying!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

#juelxis , #siam and everything I love was in this episode. Total win 10/1 #GH recap

Do you think +General Hospital still follows the old "Nov Sweeps" gimmick? Because ladies and gents, I don't know if I am going to make it without throwing something at the TV when Jules lies (kinda) again. But damn if he didn't look good in the sunlight......
on a scale of 1 - even i just CAN'T
I digress... 

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Ok so he didn't lie... sort of. Oh the gray area that is #GH ethics these days, also #julexis 09/30 recap

I'm back! And I think it's time we had a +General Hospital intervention. Some might say the show has been lacking in depth etc, but I am not talking about that - because it's a soap and my expectations are not THAT high. I know what I am getting into everyday at 2 (or you know whenever I come home), and I have enjoyed the ups and downs since '96 so there isn't much that will scare me away. HOWEVER, can we all agree that perhaps, just maybe, certain characters need to jump off the broken record just for a few days so I don't want to throw something at my TV? No, I'm not talking about Carly. Don't get mad... because the person I'm talking about is...
I am however less irritated at him when he is shirtless.... 

let me explain -