Thursday, October 2, 2014

#juelxis , #siam and everything I love was in this episode. Total win 10/1 #GH recap

Do you think +General Hospital still follows the old "Nov Sweeps" gimmick? Because ladies and gents, I don't know if I am going to make it without throwing something at the TV when Jules lies (kinda) again. But damn if he didn't look good in the sunlight......
on a scale of 1 - even i just CAN'T
I digress... 

So there he is standing in the sunlight talking to someone (Ava?) on the phone about how Sonny isn't their only problem, etc and it's clear that things for Julian are only going to get worse for Julian today. Not before he gets some morning #Julexis cuddle time though. They can't get enough each other but the need for coffee is too strong! Little do they know that Sonny is pulling his best creeper move and waiting in the living room for Julian. He's awfully judgmental about Alexis being with Julian again, but let's not pretend he has ever let any of his women go 100%. Julian comes out when Alexis starts yelling at Sonny and stuff starts to get REAL. Sonny accuses Julian of sending the shooter after Michael, for once Julian is NOT guilty here, and Alexis is like "SAY WHAT?". Things get heated as Julian sounds all to desperate to lie (dude you are a horrible liar(kinda) lately) and Shawn barges in next. With 65% of her exes in the same room the attention turns back to Jules. Dear sweet lawd why didn't he just say "not me, but my boss, and no you still can't know who he is"! Alexis knows he is telling the truth (kinda) because Sonny hasn't already shot him. She's right Sonny's vengeance is REAL (poor AJ) and he wouldn't be breathing if Sonny was 100% on this info. Sonny and Shawn storm out, but not before Sonny FIRES HER (gasp!). In the wake of that kerfuffle Alexis makes it clear AGAIN that if he's lying to her they are SOOOO over. This is so going to bite him in the ass if the truth comes out and he's not there to clarify the whole "fluke vs Luke" situation. Ugh, I am sad already.

Shawn is obviously not a good cleaner.
Mikey, whose apartment is now guarded by Sonny's muscle, gets a visit from his lady with #allthesecrets . She still doesn't know someone tried to kill him and when she finds out she flips (warranted). Of course, now that she knows the truth about Sonny she goes off on the #moblife etc etc. Mikey is baffled because she's always been cool before, but he should really be baffled because she is also the daughter of someone in the mob so.... Kiki totally ruins the mellow breakfast vibe and only gets worse when she finds out Rosalie was there. There is some more yelling and then they make up.. kinda. It won't be too long before Kiki snaps with all these secrets. She definitely has more Clay blood than Jerome blood, come on Kiki HOLD IT TOGETHER.

Hold up, you're an agent? WHOA (said in Keanu voice)
Nathan has gone to visit Anna to plead his mother's case, but not before he looks adorably nervous as he texts Maxie if they're still on for dinner. He wants to know why his mom is still in custody (because Anna holds a grudge like NO OTHER), and mentions that Britt is about to go full Olbrecht and tell reporters to start asking why Liesel hasn't been released. He thanks Anna for always being on #TeamWest (whatever) but before she gives him a legit answer the party is crashed by Jordan. Apparently the park was no longer available for "secret" meetings so she pulls a rookie move and goes TO ANNA's office. What a horrible spy. Anyhow she spills the beans that she didn't hit Jason, Ava did. Oh and that she was sleeping with Shawn. I zoned out because I don't really like Jordan or Anna, and West left the room so they could talk in "secret". I am sure Anna said something like "Julian is bad, Sonny is bad - we must get them!" and then Jordan said "blurred lines!". You'll let me know if I'm wrong right?

"Help me Morgan, you're my only hope!"
Over at the waterfront Morgan has prepared breakfast in bed for Ava (awwww) but Maxie has arrived to seek Morgan's advice. Wait. what? Are Maxie and Morgan friends? Did they bond before or after he went to boarding school? Morgan is just as confused as I am asking Maxie why she wants his advice. Things are total comedy as she wonders why he has a fancy breakfast on a tray and she continues to freak out about the whole #Naxie potential date. Continuing his recent string of maturity Morgan tells her it doesn't matter what he thinks, she has to go with her heart. It's adorable, Morgan FTW. Maxie gets to the station in record time (can you say "parking structure?") and is going to give Nathan the answer face to face. Considering Ron tweeted there would be 5 days of Naxie, and the conversation can't possibly take that long, I'm guessing she says yes.

Over at GH Jason is now out of surgery (plastic surgery so he doesn't look like Steve Burton anymore) and Liz is still oddly obsessed with a patient she doesn't know (his family won't even recognize him! #subtle). His brain might be super messed up (don't you know it!) and she needs to know for REASONS, so she enlists the help of the unemployed Dr. Drake. Drake takes a look at the scans and basically says "oh ya this guy is Jason" by confirming he's already got tons of scar tissue in his brain from old trauma (freakin AJ). Liz gazes at him longingly (it's a little ridiculous) before she bails and runs into Sam on the way out. As Sam asks about Patrick, new Danny runs into the room and grabs the hand of his dad because #BOND. Omg it was adorable. I am really warming up to this new Danny. 

Another reason for my love for new Danny? Shade & Silas. Danny boy (#sob I miss Rafe) is at the hospital for a check up to make sure his cancer isn't back (remember when he had Leukemia out of nowhere so they could introduce the Silas character?). After throwing some serious shade at Patrick (see below) it's time for his appointment and some genuine Siam moments. Silas wins the kid over with candy, and I don't care because the 3 of them look ADORABLE together on the floor. Silas is playing Danny and asks why Sam moved his appt up. Turns out she is going to Amsterdam and so she'll be out of town. Awkward. Silas asks if she and Drake are dating (no, thank god) and things get misty for me as you can tell they have so much more to say to each other. She tells him they're going for the case, but she can't tell him anymore because #SECRETS . Do you see where full truths would really help out everyone in town? But hey then there would be no soap drama... so ok. They part ways but not before giving each other stolen glances, and giving us hope for the #SIAM future. 


They're about to send Mikey to boarding school in France aren't they? Kiki confides in Morgan, AGAIN, Sabrina finds out maybe she shouldn't have tried to poison a pregnant lady without learning more FACTS, Lulu and Dante talk about Fluke, more adorable scenes with new Danny and an extra, and Naxie keeps us guessing while they have a personal conversation... In anna's office?


  • Oh heyyyyyyy Julian. #smokin
  • So many men, so little shirts. it is a good day in Port Charles. Was this supposed to be a Monday epi??
  • Ok why did we break the trend on the shirtless men? Did +Ryan Paevey-Vlieger not appreciate being the main man candy? I mean I get it, but awwww. Bust.
  • Omg. This #Julexis morning scene is PERFECTION. Once again, I needn't see (many) other stories today.
  • Hahaha. new Lil Danny just threw some SERIOUS shade at Patrick. 
    Don't even man. You're not my dad OR the one for mom. Just STEP BACK.
  • BTW what happened to lil new Danny's face? He get in a brawl at the Rib?
  • For the record Sam said she was HAN in this Star Wars reference. Not Leia or the non-existant other love interest for Luke in Star Wars. This proves #Samtrick is not a thing. At least to me, THE NERD.
  • Oh Nate, you play like Anna is going to give your mom "options" 
  • I love that even in the writing Nate and Britt have a great relationship already. I love it so much. 
  • What is Maxie doing at Morgan's? Are they friends? I am so confused.
  • So Shawn is such a good cleaner he misses the BLOOD? 
  • DAMN. I too am awake now. #SPICY #JULEXIS 
  • Lol Sonny's shirt matches the chair. He's got so much swag. YA I SAID IT. 
  • Cheat days truly are the best (  #diets are THE WORST)
  • Kiki, you're really bad at the "hiding the secrets" maybe just stop talking
  • Ok, I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Can you two just team up to me the #Corinome crime family. You'd be amazing... and smoking... and then Alexis won't have to be in the middle.
  • You guys Nathan looks SO LOST. 
  • +Janel Clemmons 's quote: What if they do the whole storyline again where Jason loses his memory and then he tries to find who he is again and he and falling in love with Quartermaine family and Monica like as a mother figure to him wouldn't that be hilarious
  • OMG Silas is ADORABLE with Danny. I am DYING. #swooooon
  • "I guess I missed a tweet" HAHAHA. That was brilliant.
  • "For Whom"? Really Anna?
  • Kiki, honey, NO ONE in Port Charles in normal. Hell, YOU ARE NOT NORMAL.. You were once names Starr.
  • How much hairspray do you think is in Liz's hair. That sh*t barely moves.
  • I am just glad they're in the same room. It's killing me. #SIAM FOREVER
  • Wait, is Patrick going to identify Jason by HIS BRAIN? Damn he's good.
  • Damn Danny is getting DOWN on that sucker.
  • Oh yes, that's right there was another girl here. My bad?
  • Psssh don't play like you are going to take the mob out of town. 
  • High Five for the proper choice for Mommy!
  • The look back? That means this is SO NOT OVER. #SIAM
  • Ooo oo I know who he is! Also, you had a kid with him. 
  • This Maxie Morgan stuff is HILARIOUS. It is the M&M comedy hour. 
  • Now that Nathan has left, I no longer carry about these scenes.
  • Alexis is the smartest chick in town. And these boys don't deserve her. 
  • Julian is going to need to learn how to tell whole truths soon, Billy Miner's first shooting day was a few weeks ago lol. 
  • Oh snap, I actually did not see the coming #YOUREFIRED

Also, for the record if +Ryan Paevey-Vlieger sends you this text the correct answer is "OF COURSE YES"