Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The cabin explodes&you make me wait over 5+ scenes before you give me any other information??? #RUDE #JULEXIS #GH RECAP 7/29/14

Guys... I mean... guys. Today was so good, I just need to get my snarky comments out of the way so we can revel in what was the BEST episode in awhile. 

Real quick tho - people on twitter are BANANAS. B-A-N-A-N-A-S. Not any of you mind you, I know you are all awesome. I just don't get people going on psychotic rants about things that DON'T ACTUALLY EXIST - and I write a freaking blog.... Here's just my social media life advice for the day - even when you are passionate about something don't attack other people with it. Whether you are right, or wrong - you still look CRAZY. Unless of course you are clowning on the +San Francisco Giants , because those fans obviously make bad life choices. #sorrynotsorry

Now on to this - 
Julian's (and ours) worst nightmare

Monday, July 21, 2014

I think it's time we had an intervention with the writers RE: Sam/Silas/Patrick... #GH recap 7/21

Guys... I think before we discuss today's episode we need to take a little time out and discuss something very important. Well... as important as things can get when you are reading a blog about a soap. Anyhow, it is plain to see that the writers have begun to rapidly disolve the the relationship between Sam and Silas (more summary on that below) and per +Angela Rynan there are people out there that support this complete 180 in story telling because they are mad at Michael Easton's character(s) breaking up Sam/Jason.... WHAT?? Apparently the reasoning is that Sam/Jas were the "orig" couple etc etc. Let me just say ... STOP THAT. It's silly to hate on a budding soap relationship because the character was with someone else before, especially when that person IS DEAD(ish). What drives soap stories is the chemistry between characters! Michael Easton and Kelly Monaco ooze chemistry. Hell even their characters (up until 2 weeks ago) couldn't get enough of each other. Not to mention if we're really going to get into hating people for breaking up the OG relatioships you should really all hate Sam, because  Jason was first with Robin. For that matter you should hate Patrick for breaking up Jason/Robin. We could go WAAAY back and say that Carly is also the worst because she broke up Jason and Robin. Or perhaps you don't like #Julexis because Julian is breaking up the idea of Ned/Alexis? Do you see where I am going here? Hopefully the writers do and stop this nonsense of derailing #SIAM like a speeding train. Especially since they spent so much time building them up! But you know who really loses here? DANNY. That boy can never win... just lost Rafe, now on the verge of losing his sort of dad... RUDE! Ok rant over, Now on to talking that other thorn in my side... Ron Carlavati

Silas is NOT AMUSED. And neither am I....

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Anna/Olbrecht call Silas a bad parent, Maxie clowns on Nathan about his job - It's hypocrite day in PC! 07/18 #GH recap

Let's all hope that after this Friday episode and that slow week last week things are going to ramp up for our #julexis storylines this week. If you haven't read their TV guide article yet you totally should. Let's take a moment and celebrate the year anniversary that this man first came in to our #GH lives:

Courtesy of @williamdeVry1 twitter

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Props to the cast for their awesome job at saying goodbye to Rafe, now let's say goodbye to NINA #GH recap 7/16

I guess it was silly of me to think that there wouldn't be an emotional goodbye for Rafe so soon. I guess I was just distracted by #zombieRafe and I didn't a lot of mourning last week. Nevertheless, today we had our emotional goodbye and once again I was a wreck. Let's take another moment of silence for Rafe Kovich Jr. and then we'll get into yesterday's epi.



Wednesday, July 16, 2014

#mobwars ? it's all about the "sexy smirk" war now! 7/15 #GH recap

It's been a slow week on +General Hospital, but this girl is not complaining (yet)! Why you ask? That's because there is an intense battle happening, and no it's got nothing to do with the #mobwars ... Ok, a little to do with the mob, because Sonny and Julian are currently fighting for the "sexy smirk" heavyweight title. And even though Maurice is up to the challenge, right now it's all coming up William! Ladies and gentlemen the tweets below remind me why I love this show, my fellow fans, and of course our #GH leading men

Thursday, July 10, 2014

I really am going to miss @jimmydee14 but @RyanPaevey is here to tell boring stories with his dreamy eyes - so #TRADEoff #GH recap 7/10/14

Before we get to the recap, let's take a moment of silence for my favorite teen #thuglife . He started off as a remnant of a show past, with a history in the mythological nonsense that did that show in. Such an angelic face, but it made sense because his "father" was an angel. He lost many adults in his life - some to Vampires, some to the horrible (and yet Emmy nominated) writers of Prospect Park's OLTL. Yet, until Teresa Castillo got pregnant and needed a reason to leave, he was a sweet boy with a big heart who was a little lost. He found a new family in Silas, Sam and Danny boy and we can only hope that those two will stay together and then have a baby and name him Rafe. 

#RIP Rafe Kovich Jr. (found on http://z13.invisionfree.com/Rafe_Molly)

This #Julexis reunion is full of #ALLTHEFEELS and is the best thing this month - #GH recap 7/9/14

Yesterday the previews got my hopes up for today, and while +The Chew peeps said their daily goodbyes I wondered to myself if the previews would let me down. I was more than pleasantly surprised that not only did the previews not let me down, but today's episode was all we wanted and more!
What we wanted!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

I have an idea for an auction to raise money for more #Julexis screentime - art lessons with Franco! 7/8/14 #GH recap

First and Foremost Congratulations to Jason Thompson! Our favorite doctor with family problems got engaged!!! I wish them all the best! I however DO NOT wish the best for others... or whomever the writer was that uttered the words "Hey what if Ava had a wacky mom?" Although... I am still watching.. which is the point. Oh writers, you have me hooked so strongly, and not just because of ....

but this so doesn't hurt #FAMILY

Monday, July 7, 2014

If we're going to have dream sequences anyway, why can't one be of #Julexis or Levi leaving town? 7/7/14 #GH recap

Sorry I didn't post Friday.. I had it written... but then all of a Sunday night and we were all in a post-patriotic hangover weren't we? No... Just me? Oh well... Let's do a real quick celebration of #mancandymonday #mcm and then we'll discuss what I think was a fairly good Monday episode ( Ava and Delia scenes not withstanding) 
He's looking at a copy of the post... Judging me... #sorrynotsorry

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The West/Maxie hijinx show was HILARIOUS! If we can't have #Julexis I can totally get behind this show! 7/2/14 #GH Recap

I really enjoyed today's episode and it wasn't because it was some pinnacle in story telling. It was however a super enjoyable and entertaining mix of drama and hilarity. All that was missing was intrigue, but we'll totally get that later this week I am sure. Also, how does one get setup to be handcuffed to West? Cause I will totally do WHATEVER is necessary... Let's discuss! But first what about a #GH Selfie?

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Crime Solvin', Fast forwardin' and forced sexual tension via handcuffs #GH Recap 7/1/14

I think the writers are trying to set a record for how many storylines they can fit in one week and still not have to show #Julexis . Why? i don't know, but super not a fan. I miss #Julexis fam, but also the hot stuff. I mean don't you? Recap after the jump but in the mean time I encourage the powers at be to have lots of +Ryan Paevey-Vlieger "workout" scenes. Am I right?