Thursday, October 9, 2014

If Buzzfeed watched GH

Yes, I'm still here, watching everyday. But I don't feel like I have a lot of funny things to write, and frankly, Tatiana is so good at it.

But last night we were talking and we started coming up with funny lists that we think Buzzfeed could do about General Hospital.

While watching today's boring episode, I came up with many more.

So from time to time we will be adding funny lists we think Buzzfeed should do about the residents of Port Charles.

Here's what I go so far.

  • 13 things only people from Port Charles will understand
    • Like how unbelievable the BLTs are at Kelly's--seriously, no one understands how great they are!
    • Relish goes on Everything!!! (My favorite is Pickle Lila--Obviously!)
  • 25 Times a conversation was overheard in a public area and then twisted to the actual truth never came out.
    • Kiki's surprise anniversary party for Michael--shoot we gotta start planning it now!!
  • 10 Times Silas should've listened to Sam
  • 16 Times Lucy made me want to fast forward
  • 32 plastic surgeries that should not be.
    • Bobbie, am I right?
    • AND Monica, seriously....
  • 25 Times Carly lied (this week)
    • I didn't sleep with Sonny, ok I did. But only once. Ok not once but both times it was just an accident. Ok they weren't accidents but it was just breif and it won't happen again. Ok it wasn't quick, it was all day at our son's apartment. But I told him it can never happen again. Ok I didn't make him promise and I might have kissed him good bye, but I swear it's not a big deal...
  • 20 Times Olivia made it clear that I would never want to cross her!
  • 15 ways people pronounce names or places that make me want to tear my hair out.
    • (hint all 15 are how people say Carlos, CARRRRLOS!)
  • The Ultimate ranking of the 25 women of Sonny's past (Because I'm sure it's close to 25)
    • 1. Carly
    • 2. Brenda
    • 3. Lily
    • 4. Alexis
    • ...
    • 25. Ava
  • The 50 horrible fashion stylings/hairstyles of Scott Baldwin
    • He's all bad... am I right?
    • Also what's up with the Goatee... STOP IT!!
  • 18 Times Anna had all the evidence and then screwed up a case
  • The definite ranking of all the shirtless Nathan West scenes
    • (no other list matters)
  • The Villians of Port Charles Ranked
    • 1. Helena Cassadine
    • 2. Jerry Jacks
    • 3. Stavros Cassadine
    • 4. Heather Webber
    • 5. Ceaser Faison
    • .....
    • 38. Fluke 
    • 50. The Balkin
    • ....
    • Last: Levi Dunkleman 
    • (lets be honest, at some point, everyone could be on this list)
So that's what I got so far. What are some lists you would want to see? Maybe I'll start posting actual lists.

Love Ya!