Wednesday, February 26, 2014

2/26/14 - It's important to listen

Man oh man, the writer’s finally listened to all to my incessant begging and pleading. Today was all the things I was missing the tail end of last week, the beginning of this week. As a result I have decided today’s theme is #wehearyou.

What I learned....(GH 2/25/14)

I couldn’t watch this episode of GH because my roomie invited her new guy over and they hogged the TV all night. When i attempted to watch GH they wouldn’t shut up, and we all know that watching GH takes intense focus so that you may mock, learn, and evaluate all at the same time. So instead of my usual summary and “Not so live tweets (which my roomie made fun of #smh)” I decided that my contribution for the Tuesday episode will be:

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Hey! Remember that one time...

Janel's Ramblings:

Todays episode opened with Sam and Silas in NY at a bar that Ava's mother, Delia Ryan, apparently runs/works at?? I don't remember that from before (wow did they go to the history books for her! Who knew she was a character from Ryan's Hope and early GH). They are there to convince her to help them get the information against Ava. 

TJ and Molly's "special night" was interrupted by Alexis and Julian. YES!  This whole scene was awkward. Julian looked awkward standing there, TJ looked awkward and scrambled to get his shirt on. I don't ever want to make Alexis mad. EVER. I'm glad that Alexis stopped that from happening. I did not want to see that! After she forces Molly to go home, Julian stays behind to talk to TJ about the warehouse incident. I wonder why Julian wants TJ to tell #theworstcomissionerever what really happened at the warehouse.

Starting to feel a little bad for Molly. Talk about going from a perfect night to a nightmare. First your mom walks in on your and your boyfriend, and then has a huge argument in front of said boyfriend, then takes you home just in time to be surprised that your dad is there. Then to have her friend be the one who ratted her out. Poor kid. Too many highs and lows for one day.

I heart Rick Lansing. I'm so glad he's back. 

The conversation that Sonny and Olivia had served as pretty much a recap of what happened yesterday between Sonny and Sean, and to put together the pieces of the puzzle that it's Rick Lansing who's trying to take down Sonny's organization through Barrett Enterprises. At least it was more entertaining (due fully to Olivia and how she banters with Sonny) than the conversation of Ava and Carrrrlos talking about Ava killing Connie. 

Ok so here's what I like about them showing Connie and Ava's interaction the night Connie was murdered. It's A) been a long time since we remember the circumstances around the murder and B) I love that she actually felt like she had motive because Connie put together that Derek Wells was Julian Jerome. Well played writers, well played. AND to throw in there (what we already knew) but Ava's confession to Connie about shooting Olivia! Let's just wrap all those story lines up in a nice package! Thanks! 

Oh and we ended with everyone (Ava and Sonny) wanting to kill AJ. So there you go. 

Monday, February 24, 2014

13,000 GH Memories

Tatiana's Ramblings:

What a perfect day to start #GH blogging! 13000 episodes, wow. Although to be honest I had to go back to the official twitter page to double check that was the right number, because it seems too low to me. But then I was an Anthro major so I probably just fudged the math. So much has happened in those 13000 episodes! So many plots of intrigue, romance, betrayal. So many baby’s mama’s (almost all Sonny’s), so many baby daddys (mostly Elizabeth’s), so many Carlys, so many child actors that randomly aged!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

What this is about


We are two friends who used to be roommates. One day, when we were still sharing an apartment, Janel started laughing and talking to the television. When Tatiana asked her what all the ruckus was about, Janel sheepishly shared that she was passionately reacting to a General Hospital episode.

And from that moment their friendship grew and grew. They would spend many days, after work, laughing and commenting--in a Mystery Science Theater 3000 kind of way--at the episodes and would share with each other knowledge we have from our many years of watching (Tatiana since 1995 and Janel since 2000).

Recently Janel moved to Denver, and they both found that watching General Hospital was not as fun anymore. Tatiana began writing summaries and Janel would text her predictions and commentary back... and then in a stroke of genius, the idea for this blog was born.

We will try to post our summaries/predictions/simulated live tweeting/themes for each day. And we will kick this off tomorrow in honor of General Hospital's 13000th episode.

Congratulations GH!