Tuesday, August 26, 2014


  • Lucy... I love you, but I'd rather see Nik and Britt.
  • They were so happy to see Coleman yesterday, today - hatred. They were jealous of his hair.
  • Just blood? Damn, wrong again...
  • TV MELTING *technical difficulties* SO HOT
  • And now commence the 47 minutes it will take for Michael to take an actual bite #drama
  • Yes, take the truce! Best #mobteam in town!!! Now who gets possesion of Pier 52?
  • Savored= Take 47 minutes of screen time
  • Who called this? Someone did call the Fluke creep-o reveal.... 
  • #BensonhurstBimbo - today's $10 bet
  • Sweet I WAS right, the accomplice had to go! #psychic
  • Guys, you should really follow the buddy system when a crazy Australian is on the loose
  • Serena is "a little bit" younger than Maxie and Lulu? I'd venture to say she's way younger than both of them... (checked with orig dates Serena is OLDER than Lulu, but SORAS'd dates she is younger by 5 years)
  • awwww I miss this Franco. Can I keep him? 
  • Julian is best when he is Papa Julian. SONNY LISTEN TO HIM. Stubborness will get you killed buddy. Gah... You're losing the Julian vs. Sonny "who is more awesome" battle right now
  • Tracy is going to figure out Luke is Fluke when he doesn't care about Lulu
  • Well knocking his desert out of his hand isn't suspicious at all...
  • Hahaha there was a snapchat joke. That's emmy winning writing guys!
  • Awww you could've been a team Sonny... GEEZ. What is your DAMAGE??
  • I love when they die right before they give away the info, you know, so a storyline can drag on longer...
  • Yes! Carly and Franco Detective Hour is coming back?! WOOT.
  • Ok I fully support Ava and Jules coming up with a plan to take down Fluke. 
  • Hmmm... do you think this new teaming up against Levi cause a Sonny/Olivia reunion? Oh jk, they're going to run into Carly at the PCPD.
  • They're staying there.... so something is going to blow up?Or they will too be injured? VETO
  • #brainstorming with Ava and Julian
  • It's time for shit to get AWKWARD at the PCPD
  • So wait, Frisco is coming back? ugh. I hope Mac punches him in the face

That's right PC HEAT also stars 2 BAMF LADIES - Episode 4 - No Time To Cry ... oh and #GH 08/25 recap

It's a new week ladies and gents, and as the summer winds down I have (half) full faith in the writers for the end of the summer story wrap up. Wait, they are going to wrap some of these stories up right? It's another action packed episode of PC HEAT and, of course +General Hospital , on this fine Monday. Are you on the edge of your seats?


Thursday, August 21, 2014

Since #julexis was technically on the episode but didn't actually share the screen I tweeted but didn't blog, that's ok right? #GH 08/21

We shall return to regularly scheduling blogging tomorrow. Business trips are total time sucks. Until then we still have not so live tweeting! Now if you'll excuse me I've got to get back to my best friend Wally...

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

I wasn't a huge fan of Monday or Tuesday's #GH but hey PC Heat Ep3 Film Noir - WORTH IT. 08/19/2014

This is a truncated post, because I'm annoyed with Carly. I know. I rooted for them.. but not like that. But hey PC Heat Ep 3 as a Film Noir? that I can get behind. 

Just imagine the noir type music in your head

Friday, August 15, 2014

Episode 2 of PC HEAT was SO GOOD, & @generalhospital wasn't that bad either 8/14/14 #GH RECAP

I think the +General Hospital writers have hit their sweet spot. If we're not going to be spoiled teased with Julexis I am totally cool with this new trend in the perfect blend of cheesy goodness. Not to mention the Dante Falconari spin off "PC HEAT" is getting SO GOOD. Shootings! Bad guys! Romantic revenge! I am not ready for stupid characters to come back (Shawn/Anna/Robin), must they? The show is just so much better without them!


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

.@generalhospital has already had a spinoff so it's not a leap... I would totally watch a cop show staring @dom_zamprogna - 8/13 recap #GH

I have to say I am a little disappointed there was no hour long West montage, but I honestly really enjoyed today's episode. It was pure soap fun. It's been a long time where we didn't cross the line from "soapy cheese goodness" to "good god what are they doing to my show with this nonsense" don't you think? Plus I have an idea for pilot season next year! I haven't worked out the title yet, but as you can see below I am starting on the theme song. That show will center around the awesomeness that is Dante Falconari (@dom_zamprogna)  and how he is a kick ass detective with a super hot best friend (see I am looking out for my best friend Ryan's employment here). What about you guys, you in?

Don't lie, you are SO IN (more below)

I almost didn't like this epi - but I'm a sucker for a musical montage of Nathan.... @generalhospital 8/12/14 recap #GH

this episode totally deserve a full post so... 


Liv and Sonny talk, Carly and Lucas talk (and I drool because he looks so much better with short tousled hair), fun in the locker room, Nic magically generates facial hair and a haircut ( and he looks SO FINE), and the conclusion of the wedding (which hopefully will be my heros crashing BEFORE they say I do....)


  • ya ya ya recaps... WHAT IS HAPPENING WITH THE GUYS?? #fightfightfight
  • How do you choose Levi over that smolder? #badlifechoices
  • I feel like it shouldn't be that easy to open a cryogenic chamber. Also, shouldn't his arm be really cold?
  • wait WHAT IS HAPPENING??? He's not Australian? I KNEW I COULDN'T HATE AN AUSTRALIAN!!! #perfection !
  • Hear that #Samtrick fans? She told him he was a FRIEND , nothing more ya hear! #FRIENDZONE
  • Awww heyyyy Lucy!!! 
  • I have a hard time believing that hippie (fake or not) could get that many hits in on West, who is literally always exercising. 
  • It more than "sucks" that it's over SAM. We are still holding out hope for #SIAM!
  • Perhaps the paddles are just defrosting him?
  • Oh Viktor, if only were right - this storyline needs to be OVER
  • Ugh I am soooo over Maxie right now. 
  • You guys think this agent is legit? I watch a lot of +The Following so I know not to trust anyone ... ever.
  • NOOOOOOOO my best friend Ryan!!! Fake blood and everything!!! Quick Dante! Helllllp!!!
  • Sorry Sam, I super don't care about this lead up to fake Jason or whatever... I mean the prop guys haven't even changed the pictures yet! So... we're still pretty far off ya?
  • Don't try to talk or move - because you haven't been cast yet (as of the  filming of this) so...
  • (SIDE NOTE) OOOO commercials for +Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. have started!! Yesssssssss  
  • Do you think Mac and Dante will take turns beating the living daylights out of Levi? Or will they let Nate have all the fun?
  • YAYYY Nathan montage!!! Can we have this every day? Although I am surprised there are so many scenes with him with shirts on...
  • Is it weird that I think it's funny that "Jason" will be brainwashed again, to be a hired killer for someone else? (that is where this is going right?)
  • I wonder if I would have liked ZJG more if he wasn't such an assynying character? I mean he's probably really nice...
  • That's right Lucy read. Read a lot. Take up time so Dante can save my best friend Ryan P!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

It's possible the @generalhospital writers knew I was annoyed w/ #julexis from TH & gave me West catching Levi as a gift 8/11 recap #GH

That's right, I'm still not happy about how #Julexis ended on Thursday. I don't think any of us should be. Alexis is an amazingly smart and strong woman. You're telling me that he still refuses to tell her the whole truth and she still sleeps with him? Worse, while it happens she looks helpless? Nope. Sorry. I love #Julexis , I believe that Jules is her true love, and I would be dead inside to not love #julexis heat - but I am not ok with that. The Alexis I have been watching since the 90s might have succumbed to a kiss ( a hot steamy one of course) but as she has with Julian before, she would have been strong and pulled away. If anything giving Jules the more reason to tell her EVERYTHING. I think we can all agree Jules has grown A LOT since his arrival in this harbor side town. I even agree that Alexis should accept him for who he is, a mob man, at least at this point. However, he could have told her everything to show that yes he is still a mob man, he is doing it for her and his family. I think she would take the mob nonsense as a trade off if he told her everything... I am not afraid that this won't be resolved soon because HELLO they finally put them together on the +General Hospital opening credits, but that doesn't mean I can't vent to you instead of apologizing I haven't blogged in forever right?

Don't give me a title card and then play break up - I'm not DUMB.

Oh well as a reward I got two whole days of slightly less serious storylines, and they managed to pull them off without being so silly I can't handle it - yes I am even going with the Aztec storyline at the moment because it means bad things for Levi (happy dancing!)

Monday, August 11, 2014

Twitterverse you're totally fired - no one warned me there was no FULL TRUTH or about #julexis "ending"... RUDE #GH 8/7/14 recap

Get ready not to like me guys. I am super unhappy with #julexis after Thursday's episode.... I have a good explanation though. I swear. It's right below this, so just READ IT.. and if you still want to be mad then... well I'll just go dream about Sonny's dimples for a while.   ya ya ya I didn't write anything ... I will today though!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Hi, I'm here to return 4 Jordan/Shawn scenes in exchange for more #julexis - thanks #GH 8/6/14 #julexisanniversary

I waited all day for this.... and there was like 5 minutes. Why is this a trend? Let's go ahead and break that shall we? Like tomorrow - when we get sexytime can it be more than 3 scenes? perhaps at least 25% of the episode? Puh-lease? I mean the rest of today was good, but it could have been so much more! I will be counting down the minutes til tomorrow's episode starting NOW. 

On to that other stuff...

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

One day people in Port Charles will stop having secret conversations in rooms with open doors or in hallways.... #GH 08/05/14

Just a shortned post today in prep for tomorrow's JULEXIS return.


Julexis fighting! (it's ok we know by Thurs they'll be "spray tanned), Sonny catches Liv making out with Ned (yay more Ned!!), Mikey tells Morgan Ava is longer at the compound, Sean and Jordan have tension (of a sexual nature), and more stuff at the swiss/upstateNY facility (great...)


  • I am always forgetting how many people are staying in that house
  • Please, please tell me Spence ditched the burner phone..... #crossesfingers
  • ugh... her again. Ok, ok can we get this out of the way please? #BUHBYEROBIN 
  • That's right Patrick GET PISSED. (It's truly what Jason does best)
  • If it wasn't for NLG's tweet, I might be annoyed that I am dealing Nina scenes so many days in a row 
  • I might be fast forwarding through the Lucas/Felix scenes... The +Los Angeles Dodgers game starts in like a half hour. 
  • OH THANK GOD. For now Britt is safe #relief
  • Even  my non +General Hospital watching roommate was disgusted at the return of Robin. #greatminds
  • You'd think having been a lying serial killer in a previous (james franco-y) life, he could lie better
  • Spence is literally the coolest kid, and Cameron is a wank. #TRUTH
  • So this receptionist fill in is a hacker part time? Maybe he just watched a lot of the movie "Hackers" as a youth. (sorry I blame this for Hackers on the brain) 
  • I can't wait until the regular TV season starts and I can't start watching +Nashville (via the promos only) again. I sure hope Tami Taylor picked the guy from Whose Line!
  • BRITT SHUT UP. NIK is still in the HOUSE!!
  • Poor Carly no one tells that woman the truth
  • Hey remember how we thought Nina was crazy before? That scarf story is here to cement that knowledge. Do people still like her?
  • Damn Nik you are horrible parent the "reason" your kid ran away is because of Cam... and now you've invited him over...