Monday, October 13, 2014

All the good villains never really die. Let's test this theory on Nina shall we? Whoa. that was dark #oops #GH 10/13 tweets

The first day back was kind of slow. So I am saving all the good snark for when Silas yells at Nina. In the mean time enjoy my tweets!!
  • Aww she's the best thing he can remember, but since that's like 3 things...
  • Ugh did Anna have to come back?
  • Can someone let me know when Mommy Dearest got out of prison?
  • West is just so adorable, are we sure he's not a Cassadine? Cause that's Spencer's move.
  • Aww he's texting her!! #SIAM forever!!!
  • Can we be done with this Fluke story already? LIKE FOR REAL.
  • Ok so it's been Jerry this whole time? But what does Jerry have against Sonny? UGH my my missing years are KILLING ME here.
  • Why would she call for Nathan in German? HE DOESN'T KNOW GERMAN CRAZY!
  • Is he a vampire in that other show he's on? Insider jokes aren't great if you don't watch the CW.
  • Wait. BACK UP, when did Lucky become a cop??? Was that when he was Jonathan Jackson the 3rd (2nd?) time or someone else? 
  • Well, that's probably because you are talking to him...
  • Naxie could have a really cute date at the gym. Just saying
  • Anna is going to solve the case no one needs her to (why O killed Viktor) rather than the 10 open crimes of ACTUAL crimes that happened in town... #worstcomissionerever
  • She was released as innocent because #PLOTDEVICES! They come in so handy some times.
  • I'll totally take 2x more McSnarky rather than those Westbourne sisters' scenes. 
  • So the two huge guys didn't raise a red flag for the PI? Didn't feel the need to go out the back door to be slick? #FAIL
  • Well now I know it can't be Jerry, because Tracy was screaming too loud.
  • Heyyyy it's like Anna read my tweet! Maybe she's turning around.
  • Epiphany hasn't yelled at Liz yet? Cause she's being a bad nurse, unless of course there are NO other patients today
  • Maybe it's a good thing he's not a Cassadine, that'd be a lot of crazy blood flowing through his veins. 
  • Who sets their notification sound to "broken toy horn"?
  • Billing his insurance? Doesn't he get like employee discounts or something?
  • I FF'd through most of the sister's convo so I'm kind of lost as to why Madeline would defend Nina.
  • Jamie Callahan - a supposedly well known person in town we have never seen before. 
  • Can we just clearly say if he's Fluke? It's really very frustrating. 
  • Dr. Granville, a really rude Dr who is apparently well known that we've never seen before.
  • Ooo synergistic advertising! Lucky is on Nashville! No but really I just started watching +Nashville and it's pretty freakin awesome. So yes. DO WHAT THE MAN TELLS YOU TO!
  • I'm sure he want to take you lying down (buh dum ch)
  • Oh sweet the money secret is out now too! Please the Rafe secret, please the Rafe secret!
  • Lulu, don't trip Anna is a really bad detective. She hasn't have any of this nonsense figured out.
  • on a side note, did Sam see Silas's text?
  • Jerry is such a good villian. Like a Cassadine, he's slick and sleezy in all the right ways. I'll take more Jerry and less Nina please!
  • There shouldn't be suspenseful music playing, remember even his family won't recognize him. DUH. #misdirection


we find out if all the not so subtle plastic surgery discussion was for naught, fingerprint results, Jerry tries to strike a deal, Britt tells Brad (oh yeah, he's on this show too) the good news, Spence is stoked to have  a mom (awwww), Nathan has 2 more moms than he cares to deal with, and Silas yells at Nina (and +Angela Rynan throws a party I'm sure)