Monday, June 30, 2014

So we have time to add a new guard, bring back the mom, and add a therapist- but no #julexis? Um... sure #GH recap 06/30/14

Let me start off by saying that I hope you all know that I am a +General Hospital fan, because apparently that is up for debate with a certain twitter commentator... So ya. Love GH. Ok on to the recap. Last week was so slow, but I have a feeling things are going to REV up this week... much to the delight of +Janel Clemmons . Usual recaps and what nots after the jump, but first I am going to go sit in on Levi's sitting protesting his PRESENCE. 

Don't you love when they have us work on the set pieces? JOB SECURITY!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Stop bringing new characters and old ones out of retirement, we haven't seen a #julexis scene in DAYS - 6/25 #GH recap

Before we catch up on today, there was ANOTHER +General Hospital casting rumor today! According to Soap Opera Digest Brenda might be coming back.... Listen don't get me wrong, Vanessa Marcil is amazing and I <3 her, but the last time she came Brenda was a HOT MESS. Fighting at the Nurses Ball, trying to seduce #alltheMEN, and even playing like she had slept with Mikey! No, sorry, VETO. Unless you give me classic 90s Brenda (who was a strong character) I do not support this news AT ALL. Fortunately +BuzzFeed knew I would be in a foul mood so they gave me this list and more importantly #11 (I am still stalwart #TeamJulexis , but Sonny has had my heart since 96, if Jules leaves the mob this stance of mine won't be an issue)

If I believe the #GH news this love triangle will be a quadrangle (OR WORSE) by the end of the summer....

There was a lot of +General Hospital news that came out today - Kim Mcullough is coming back later this summer (possibly with a new Jason), +Janel Clemmons reminded me Tony Geary is on his standard "June-ly" vacation, and the cast has the next 3 weeks off (as per Will Devry on twitter)- and just knowing those things really made me take a sideways glance at today's episode and on how everything was playing out. For example....

Monday, June 23, 2014

I am in a BLT/Booze hangover after dealing with last night's #DaytimeEmmy NIGHTMARE. Today's #GH was the perfect cure.

Well... It may have been a while since I have done this.... Ok a LONG WHILE. I could apologize or tell you what was up, but now we've all been through trauma together - and so we're bonded despite my lack of updates. The trauma of course was #DaytimeEmmys train wreck and of course the snub for all things +General Hospital . But like Brook-lynn, @myjasonthompson will always be a winner in our hearts. Now let's recoup from the trauma and dive in to Monday's episode together shall we?

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Daytime Emmys: Janel's LIVE Coverage

Hello! We are live blogging and tweeting the Daytime Emmys today!  I will be updating this blog as we go and Tatiana will be tweeting.

Be sure to follow Tatiana here and my tweets are here.

You can watch the Emmys here: http://www.daytimeemmys.net/

We've begun the red carpet coverage.

That pretty much says it all.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Tuesday's Episode: Hoping for Happy Endings



Ew. Ava is reading baby books when Kiki comes to visit her and she thinks that Morgan is coming to visit her. She and Kiki talk about Ava's relationship with Morgan as if it's normal--stop it. It's not. EW. And then Kiki mentions that Ava and Julian have a weird connection--ha ha! She's kinda sassy to her mom. I love it! And Kiki is right. I like that she and Michael are together. They are the righteous couple right now-- them and Dante and Lulu (except she's a little crazy).

Monday's Episode--DON'T TRUST ANYONE!!!

Monday's episode was Sabrina and Patrick's baby's funeral. So incredibly sad. Maxie is comforting Patrick and Sabrina seems to be back to normal and is grieving with Felix being the best BFF ever! And Juan is back! He's so great and concerned for his cousin. Everyone comes to the funeral. So beautiful. Sabrina mentions that Juan has suggested that she come to Puerto Rico for a while and she's considering it. The service begins with Epiphany singing Amazing Grace. #broken #allthefeels and her singing is the track over most of the service. Very beautiful.  Rafe shows up and stands in the back. You can tell he feels great remorse for what he's done. Maybe he will confess? Maybe he will apologize?? I'm glad Emma wasn't there. The poor girl didn't need to deal with that. She's had to go through so much as a little girl. Can we give her a break please? Also it's funny watching Juan and Elizabeth act like old friends... ha ha! (they're married in real life). Sabrina decides to go to San Juan for a while (maternity leave) and Patrick reminds her that he and Emma are her family too so she has to come back! Awe!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014


We are horrible, no good, very bad writers right now.

We are sorry. Janel has been watching and not writing and Tati has been swamped and we will, we promise write again tonight.

I will watch yesterday and today's later and post my recap, in the meantime--I hope you're enjoying the show and we promise we haven't forgotten you!

Please forgive us... and come back later :)

Monday, June 9, 2014

Fluke predictions and other #GH mind benders - caused by a pre-empted @generalhospital in LA/OC today 6/9/14

I said it before and I'll say it again. Watching live on Fridays makes the +General Hospital weekend so long! With the +Los Angeles Dodgers having an early game (gotta love the east coast trips), I was able to fit in all my addictions today and still have time to blog before the day was over! But not so fast said the universe as live breaking news cancelled out #GH today in LA/OC.... 
Real People. Real News. Cops who hang out less at the local diner. 

Friday, June 6, 2014

Fresh like a #Julexis family breakfast at Kelly's we're live tweeting this jam!!!! #GH 6/6/14

We're back once again for another live-tweeting special event! Brought to in part by my awesome boss going on vacation and letting me off early!!! WOO HOO vacations! So excited to see a #Julexis family breakfast! Not so excited to deal with Nina again (woh woh)...

  • that is the best sign ever. I want to have franco to draw me! #betterthanselfies #GH
  • DAMN DIRTY APE. today's $10 bet #FTW #GH
  • Also, MAX IS BACK!!!! and apparently we're going to see a lot of him! #GH #SUMMERTIME #MOBLIFE 
  • thank gods for @RyanPaevey and his gift for appearing on camera shirtless
  • No #julexis breakfast and it's already the first commercial break... wtf
  • Franco shouldn't be painting, he should be doing standup
  • Walking around all night? Port Charles isn't that big, you could totally finish that walk in like an hour
  • @MauriceBenardMB is so ON POINT right now. Basically all the daytime emmy nods will be #GH men next year
  • You know what I need West? For you to remain in that outfit for the rest of the episode #DetectiveSexyPants
  • GrRR-ooos 3 days in a row a character/storyline made me want to vomit (today it was Nina)
  • Ok guys. we're at the 2nd commercial break and still no #JULEXIS . I would like to begin a formal protest
  • ooo Julian is PISSED Danny's bday was ruined #PapaBear #JULEXIS
  • Why doesn't Nina want to call #sexypants??? #lieslieslies
  • It's possible +Janel Clemmons  were just chanting KISS HIM KISS HIM to Maxie... maybe @teenystweeting @RyanPaevey
  • Sweet romantic music is playing soooo cue Ava crashing this moment
  • painting pictures of blind kids is a brilliant of a Franco kickstarter
  • I just died when adorable Danny blew out that candle #JULEXIS #adorbz
  • Will Nina remember the "old times" when Silas was having an affair with Ava? #BURNINGQUESTIONS
  • +Janel Clemmons reminds me that as much as we hate Levi, it could be worse. (She's been watching Prospect Park's OLTL )
  • I would love it if West just punched Levi RIGHT NOW 
  • Did something happen to Stephen? Why Yes he killed a bunch of people, thought he was a vampire and you know.. DIED  
  • Morgan, the answer to all these questions should be NO 
  • Carly and Franco are the best #trueLove
  • Yes, yes the thing that is happening between them is called CHEMISTRY Levi... you have none 
  • Awww he missed out on protecting her from the boys... LOVE IT SO MUCH #Julian #PapaBear #JulexisFAM
  • he has drugs to do actually #thugLIFE
  • I just tried to fast forward through the commercials.. Watching live isn't as great as it's cracked up to be 
  • Janel is seriously reading the rules to the Bush's Baked Beans game on the app store... WHAT IS HAPPENING.
  • You've been through so much this last year - like a character change. You're name used to be Todd 
  • There's nothing going on between me and Nathan (yet - said the +General Hospital  writers)
  • That was a pretty crappy friday episode, and for the most part the #julexis family  breakfast was a tease. NOT COOL WRITERS

Thursday, June 5, 2014

I am sending an @evite for a party 9 months from now - BECAUSE AVA WILL BE GONE!!!! #GH 6/5/14 recap

I must preface anything I write tonight that I have consumed a large amount of yeast and barley products tonight. Be that as it may, today had no crazy ups or downs, but was still quite good. The writers are working furiously to contend for next year's Emmy's since last year they gave us.... RELISH AND BLTs. I can proudly say that GH has gotten to the point that barring any huge catastrophes (part of the reason for no posting yesterday), I cannot wait to get home and flip on the tube and deal with the DRAMZ of my fav east coast port city with no apparent coast guard. 
#VOMIT face 

Awkward City, USA

Hello Friends! I'm sorry I've been a bit absent for awhile. Well I've recently moved back to Southern California so getting settled in and everything. 

Ok so here's what happened on GH yesterday!

It's hard to type when there are tears all over your keyboard - 6/3 & 6/4 #GH Not so live tweets

Well, talk about two emotionally draining days! And new storylines galore! My heart, my brain! The writers have really been stepping it up... However I have not... I will return later today with full coverage, but all I have for you now is the "NOT SO LIVE TWEETS" for Tuesday and Wednesday. Excuse me while I go regroup (Baby Drake Drake, we hardly knew thee #SOB)

RIP Baby Gabriel 4/25/14-06/04/14 - You didn't want to live in this town anyway...

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

All this talk about chocolate fountains and pizza is making me hungry... for #julexis 6/2/14 #GH recap

Spencers... am I right?

I feel like the weekend break from #GH takes so much longer when you watch it live on Friday... but hey I got to do lots of things that made me smile. It's a good thing too since at the end of Monday's episode I pulling an Elle Woods and throwing things at my TV while I watched +General Hospital . I'm just going to celebrate that Julian Jerome won the #MANoftheMONTH award. and forget about all the things the writers did today that were very good, but made me not so happy.