Friday, October 3, 2014

Today will be a double post day, so first have some tweets from yesterday! 10/2/14 #GH


  • Can I see a prospectus or mission statement for ELQ? Watching since 96 and I am still unclear as to WHAT THEY DO.
  • she's upstairs hiding from unwanted visitors is code for "day off"
  • For real Maxie, just what is the PROBLEM
  • Aww I like cool wicked Sabrina, but I do have a soft spot for sweet Sabrina, cause #PABRINA, you can hate it's totally cool
  • Dear ABC, stop trying to make #TGIT happen, it's not going to happen.
  • Ok I love the old twins, but this new Danny is too freaking adorable, and talks so... good change +General Hospital writers. 
  • I miss Rafe. 
  • "It's been handled" Mikey is really a cold S-O-B when it comes to the killin'
  • I've been thinking about Nathan since he came to Port Charles, so I totally feel her pain.
  • I bet you +Ryan Paevey-Vlieger has never had to beg for a date. Like ever. 
  • Does Morgan not know someone tried to kill his brother? Does he have Sonny rage?
  • Mikey being treated like someone of the age that still gets called "MIKEY" poor kid
  • Lulu, you are totally right - it's not your dad. It's a dude pretending to be him.
  • Dante, think about what you just said, the best plan here is to go to MISCAVITCH - not AMSTERDAM. OY.
  • So, you know you are the parent right Sam? Like you can pick him up and make him go? Or ya... give the kid more sugar, sure. #PARENTING
  • Something different, and yet SO SIMILAR about this guy... cause you know, he's from here. 
  • Guys, the two of you are not strangers. In fact you both have had kids with him. #justsayin
  • She won't fall apart, but she might go trying to kill another person. #newSabrina
  • Lulu should teach the new parenting class at #GH. Outline will be:
    • step 1: you are the parent , your kid should not make rules #spencer #danny
    • step 2: your child might listen to you more often if you are in the same general vicinity more than 65% of the time #danny #spencer #emma #cameron #aiden #molly
    • Step 3: if they are now an adult try to guide them but don't try to put them in time out #morgan #michael #molly #robin 
    • Step 4: If you lead a dangerous life sending the child away will probably only hurt in the long run #Morgan #Nicolas #Robin #Christina #Aiden
    • Step 5: If your child has more than 2 parents, don't kill the other parent #Michael #Kiki #Nathan 

  • Working remotely? I hope the wifi connection is good! #reallifePROBLEMS
  • Morgan is so ready to take over the family business in like 10 years. He has the moral gray area thing DOWN
  • Maxie is literally making up excuses at this point #smh
  • Um btw I meant to bring up this fact: Did Jordan and Anna apperate out of the office? Like they were having a conversation IN THAT ROOM yesterday and it didn't show them leaving so...
  • Hey you know how you get to know someone? DATE THEM. 
  • The tiny details are going to make me swoon aren't they? #sexypants #swoon #melting
  • Aww look Michael has put on his BIG BOY pants. He's all growed up!
  • Dante is the perfect man. He only got Sonny's good qualities. 
  • Ugh she's back to being annoying. #sabrina
  • Family bond ladies and gents. Science? Actual Medicine? Nah, that's uncool
  • I gotta do some FFing, I've got places to be. 
  • Nah, don't go get the doctor - let's gossip instead. #priorities
  • Ah yes, pick up Kiki - where she's having a secret conversation with Morgan - that's gonna work out well. Do we want to clock how fast he'll get to the brownstone?
  • Do you think Franco has the app open right now??
  • At least the doorknob is loud so they weren't still talking when he walked in #luck
  • It's ok Liz, he can "come around on his own" now because they cast the part. So you know #fate


Divorce! Dating! Male Bonding! Ex-Bonding (maybe)! Spying!