Tuesday, September 30, 2014

So today is just tweets, but baby TOMORROW WE ARE BACK (like #julexis spray tan time) #GH 9/29/14

The cable tv god saw fit to not record +General Hospital yesterday so I had to watch.. WITH COMMERCIALS. It was awful. As such I had no time left to actually blog. So today is just tweets, but baby TOMORROW WE ARE BACK (like #julexis spray tan time) 


  • I am watching this in SD. +Time Warner Cable said I know longer had to deal with SD channels. This apparently doesn't cover the ON Demand stream. UGH. #firstworldproblems
  • Of course he means carry out the hit. Geez people are dumb lately. 
  • EW. Rosalie. GR-OSS. I kinda wish it was the hitman. #sorrynotsorry
  • Ugh, and Nina is back today. Is this the price I have to pay to get some #JULEXIS?? 
  • So... like what is the game plan here? He's going to pull a crazy? Or he's just being creepy?
  • They need to update Dom Zaprogna's pic in the credits. He looks AWFUL, and that's a very pretty man. 
  • Can we agree that is the most awful looking necklace? HORRID.
  • Why does Nina only own like 3 shirts? I know she pretends to have no money, but Silas does right?
  • Remember when Jordan was having super not secret meetings with Anna in the park? Haha, that was so bad.
  • Ew. Rosalie again. How much shiny crap did they put on her cleavage? Weird.
  • Why does Kiki look surprised that someone wants to kill her mom. I mean... #trackrecord
  • A publicly traded company ... that sells relish? 
  • Remember when the Fluke storyline started like 10 years ago? 
  • Actually, Michael is his grandfather's namesake. If we're being historical.
  • I'm sorry did that building grow a window? It wasn't there during the shootout... or ever.
  • Michael's apartment must be REALLY far from Julian's. That or that guy didn't know about the magic parking structure.
  • "bumped uglies" a sign that the writing has gotten worse... also confusing. I still don't get the new Franco storyline.
  • For the record, I was almost totally back on #TeamFranco until the creepy started. 
  • And you're kind of a bad actor.... and I've seen Levi. "Surprise" - I'm now the worst actor on this show.
  • Is Ned listening to Eddie Mayne on his Ipod? (Also, it's a little late in the episode to pick up another story isn't it?)
  • OH HELL YES, all other stories can cease to exist now. #JULEXIS 
  • Oh, so we're going to still do other stories then? It's a good think I like Nolivia. Ok, mainly I just love Wally Kurth #SUEme
  • You guys, she is working out in those sneakers with heels... that is not safe. 
  • I would totally watch #Julexis the early years.
  • Oh wow, they're going to parallel Samtrick to Julexis? Regardless of whether or not Samtrick is even valid, they aren't even on the same PLANET as Julexis.
  • This guy is all about bad acting and needless property damage.
  • Way to go Jordan. Keep your eye on the prize! 
  • What is Maura West's contract status? 
  • Franco's art show? That was like 3 years ago at this point.
  • I love when they write meaningless conversation to allow Shawn to get to the apartment. Also, trying to make us feel bad for this dude who will probably die by the end of the week.
  • I totally forgot they were on this episode. There are too many stories that are not #JULEXIS that are happening right now.
  • Yes. Let's discuss the REAL reason Alexis, and then he can tell the truth FINALLY
  • That was the worst orchestrated jinx-type line EVER. It's ok cause Wally Kurth reasons.
  • OF COURSE it's a stalling tactic. PLOT DEVICES BRO!
  • OH are we about to tell ALL THE SECRETS???? #SOMANYSECRETS
  • How is this episode STILL GOING
  • OH SHIT. It's out there now.


Things that are not Julexis, Julexis, and WHAT THE F DID MIKEY JUST GET SHOT??!